Why did Iván Lalinde explode with the word “madrazo” on his social networks?

Ivan Lalinde He is remembered for the variety of productions he produced, and despite a brief absence from television, he returned last year to perform on the premium and kids versions of “La Voz” and was the host of the “La Voz” lineup one of the.day to day“, he was once again loved by the audience.

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Likewise, the man from Antioquia is usually very active on social networks, especially on Instagram, where he has nearly 800,000 followers, where he not only shares behind-the-scenes footage of his work, but also some side hustles, his personal life and his knowledge of various topics..

Contrary to what many believe, not everything went well in Ivan Lalind’s life, as in his account he implies: i’ve been through a lot of trouble, possibly someone close to him. His words left a lot to talk about, and here’s what he said on his Instagram story: “‘Cause FALTERS and FALSE saved me Lord I freed the borders of HPand added a winking emoji.

The man from Antioquia did not preserve anything, although he gave no further details.

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Of course, many people asked the host what happened to make him so uncomfortable, as if he was saying something rude, but in fact he kept silent and did not bring up the topic again, just continued to focus on his daily life, behaving Coming out the next day, he wisely went to work on the set of Día a Día, and in fact, he showed on the show that he had his co-star Carolina Soto try feijoa, and she didn’t seem to have it at all. Don’t like this kind of stuff.

Why isn’t Ivan Lalind in “Day Day Up”?

As it turned out, the correspondent was absent from Karakol TV’s morning broadcast last week while he activated the Instagram Stories question tool, and he clarified their doubts as many asked why he wasn’t on the show.

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Lalinde explained that it was all due to the health problems he had been suffering from: “A lot of people ask why I am not in Día a Día, why am I so lost. I tell you, this week I have bronchitis and it seems Got corona virus so I stayed home and took care of myself, I don’t like to go out sick and say I’m sick. But since they asked so many questions I stayed home and I’m fine that’s why I didn’t With my phone, I devote myself to a lot of reading, watching movies and seeing cool things out there.”

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