Why did Lamine Yamar suddenly leave the game against Porto?

Lamine Yamal made headlines during Barcelona’s match against Porto on October 4 when he left in the 71st minute after informing coach Xavi Hernandez that he was not in good health.

“He felt bad and Lamin felt bad. “He told me that before and we took advantage of the break in the game. “DT said and added: “He had pain in his abdomen. We used this break to try to get him back into the locker room as quickly as possible.”

Although there is no official information on what ailment the striker is suffering from, several media outlets have claimed that he suffers from gastroenteritis. One of the main symptoms of the condition is diarrhea, which may be why Yamal quickly went to the bathroom.

The Spaniard’s illness has sparked controversy over what will happen following his sudden departure, but Royal Spanish Football Federation regulations take into account such behavior, as long as he has the appropriate authorization.

“If a player needs to go to the bathroom during the game, he can go as long as he has permission from the referee to leave and return.”, detailing the document. Also pointed out: “If you’re a football player and you feel you need to go to the bathroom, you just ask the referee. When you re-enter the game, it’s still the same situation and you need to ask for authorization again.”

Yamal did not return to the game and Marcos Alonso came on. But judging from the social networks he was active in a few hours ago, it can be seen that he is in good health, or at least in good spirits.

On Monday, the footballer, considered the jewel of Barcelona, ​​renewed his contract with the club until 2026, with a termination clause of 1 billion euros.

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