Why did Tom Brady foresee the end of American football as we know it?

for tom bradyum dos maiores nomes da National Football League For as long as American football has ever been played as a game as we know it, its days are numbered.

in daily interview masterThe former quarterback from Spain believes excessive physical contact, leading to increasingly serious injuries, could lead to the sport changing its character in the coming years and becoming more similar to what makes it called the sport. sports. flag footballPatterns included in IOC 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

“A lot of people want less and less physical contact without football. It’s more like flag football, which will take place at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Now American football will finally turn flag football into the future,” the star analyzed.

Flag football is very similar to American football, but without the sudden physical contact. In this sport, a tackle is replaced by an athlete to remove a piece that holds an opposing athlete’s waist in place. It looks like the game has been interrupted.

“Football is a sport that has had a physical element to it from the beginning. Now I’m giving you a 15-yard penalty for making a joke that shouldn’t have been punished 20 years ago. “This has had a huge impact on the game. Big impact, these changes make you unhappy,” the star said.

In addition to flag football, the Los Angeles Olympics will also include squash and rematches of lacrosse, cricket and baseball/softball.

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