Why didn’t Emma Stone win the Volpi Cup in Venice ’80?

The 80th Venice International Film Festival ended a few days ago, but the film festival under the leadership of artistic director Alberto Barbera continues to be talked about. The event is far from uncommon: as at other festivals or important ceremonies such as the Oscars, the end of the event almost never means the end of the conversation, because the public, professionals and simply curious people continue to talk. First of all, about prizes and winners. At the 2023 Venice Film Festival, an exhibition marred by actor and screenwriter strikes in Hollywood, the awards were not particularly surprising, and above all, this time the award Golden Lion almost everyone agreed. Victory Poor creatures! (Poor things in the original language) by Yorgos Lanthimos (REVIEW) met with the approval of the public and, above all, the critics. Both Italian and international audiences were immediately amazed by another gem of the Greek director about the supernatural and monstrous, so much so that in the daily newspapers Lido Lanthimos was always in the lead with the most votes. The triumph of this feature film, which explores above all monstrous femininity so it was a nice confirmation. However, this did not prevent some questions from arising, especially regarding Emma Stone, who plays the role of Bella, the absolute and irresistible protagonist of the film.

Interpretation of Emma Stone

From the moment of the first press show, Poor creatures! Not everyone agreed with the quality of the film, but also with Emma Stone’s interpretation. In the film, the actress plays this “creature”, who is brought back to life by a scientist thirsty for knowledge. A woman who must learn to exist again, from language to the rules of society and relationships. Emma Stone’s rebellious and powerful Beauty is a character that develops in the film, following a path that allowed Emma Stone to once again demonstrate – if there was still a need for it – her enormous talent. And at the end of the first press screening and after all the other screenings at the Lido, it was taken for granted that Emma Stone would win the award. Volpi Cup, a prize that the Venice Festival annually awards to the best performers in the competition, both actress and actor. However, on September 9, during the awards ceremony, Emma Stone’s name was mentioned not at the Volpi Cup, but at Cailee Spaeny main character of the film Priscilla. Some suspected that Emma Stone’s failure to win was because the actress was unable to attend the ceremony due to a strike, and the “upper echelons” of the biennale were “maneuvering” wins to ensure she was always around. someone to put on stage. After all, every self-respecting festival has its fair share of conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theorists like those who whispered that the real reason Emma Stone didn’t win was because the jury chairman was Damien Chazelle, Director La La Land, the masterpiece that earned Emma Stone an Oscar. So it would be a conflict of interest or outright favoritism. Again, these are just rumors bordering on various conspiracy theories. In fact, the reason why Emma Stone didn’t win the Volpi Cup is much more banal than you might think.

The Real Reason for Emma Stone’s Failure: The Rules

This is, of course, much more boring than any simple conspiracy theory, but the real reason Emma Stone failed to win the Volpi Cup for Best Female Performance at Venice 80 is because regulation compiled annually by the Venice Biennale. Simply visit the event’s official website to discover the “secret of Pulcinella.” In fact, according to official regulations, the same film can receive only one prize among those awarded at the Biennale. There are exceptions when, after hearing the opinion of the Director of the Festival and showing unanimous opinion, the international jury may award the Volpi Cup to the actor or actress who is the main character of a feature film awarded the Grand Jury Prize. Lev to the director, special director’s award or award for best screenplay. However, these are exceptions that must be agreed upon in advance, but in no case and without exception can the Volpi Cup be awarded to an actor participating in a film awarded the maximum prize – Golden Lion. Precisely because in the previous days much was said about the wonderful reception given Poor creatures! When the Volpi Cup was not awarded to Emma Stone, experts guessed a few minutes earlier that the Golden Lion would go to Yorgos Lanthimos’ film precisely because of the regulations. Myself Poor things! if she had not won the Golden Lion, it is likely (not certain, but likely) that the Volpi Cup would have gone to Emma Stone. In fact, what happened was what already happened in 2019, when many were surprised by the fact that Joaquin Phoenix did not win the Volpi Cup for Joker. But even there, the failure to win was due to the fact that Todd Phillips’ outstanding film would have won the Golden Lion and, by rule, could not have won the Volpi Cup either. The secret is revealed.

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