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What take a shower this is one of the latest trends in the bathroom world that is now known. In the past, showers were real rooms, but today this space has evolved. The environment is born celebrating minimalism with walls without profiles and with flush-mounted concealed shower tray, in a continuum with the rest of the bathroom. In this way, the shower enclosure becomes the essence of the shower enclosure, giving life to a fascinating wellness area configuration. They can be built into a simple glass wall with minimal supports or made up of more pieces. Therefore, they have the ability to give depth and brightness, as well as to create spa effect even in small contexts. As a result sacred corner of prosperity where you can enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation.

The bathroom of the tiny house The Mountain Refuge.

Courtesy of mountain refuge

We asked the interior designer Federico Peri a few tips on how to make a shower cabin beautiful and functional even in small space.

liquid space

Salvatori, WF Infinito in white Carrara

Photo courtesy of Kasia Gatkowska Photography

Convenient shower head

Geberit, CleanLine 5O channel.

Photo courtesy of Mac

Practical accessories

Glass partitions

Shower Arbi, Ibra. The glass wall helps expand the space.

Contributed by Arbi

Let’s also not forget some tricks to make a small space look bigger with other pieces of furniture. Here are some more tips he gave us study CONTROLLER.

Mirror Magic

Mirrors help expand the space and can also be placed inside the shower.

Photo credit Sandra Rojo

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