Why LeBron James might miss Los Angeles Lakers game for son Bronny’s college debut

after cardiac arrest During preseason training, the USC freshman Bronny Jamesthe son of a superstar Los Angeles Lakers LeBron Jamesanother step forward Approaching his college basketball debut.

On November 30, four months after his heart attack, a spokesperson for James’ family issued a statement announcing Browne has been cleared by doctors to fully return to the sporttraining and competition will resume soon.

While it’s no surprise that his father is delighted with the news, his willingness to go to great lengths to see his son make his debut might surprise some.

“I’m looking forward to his first game”LeBron said when asked about the latest news. “When he comes out of the hospital, when he’s ready to play his first game, I’ve told my teammates that if (USC) plays on the same day as us, they may only see me in the next game“.

Family above all else, Champ: I love you all, but I absolutely had to watch Bronny’s first college game When he’s back in shape and ready to play. “

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There was laughter in the background when James’ teammates heard that he had committed to missing a Lakers game to watch his son’s debut, but it was clear that all parties involved understood the importance of Bronny’s return to basketball, which meant James’ possible absence is almost certainly forgivable.

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Will LeBron James miss the Lakers game to watch Bronny make his USC debut? The two teams’ schedules overlap quite a bit next month, so this possibility exists.

USC 2023-2024 Schedule

With Bronny James set to return, USC has four games remaining on its non-conference schedule. After their trip to Las Vegas, the Trojans will return home for one game before traveling across the country for two games in Alabama.

After Christmas break, USC will travel to Oregon to begin Pac-12 play before returning home for three games.

Regarding overlap, Four of USC’s first six conference games are played on the same day as a Lakers game: Dec. 28 at Oregon State, Dec. 30 at OSU, Jan. 3 against California State, Jan. 13 against Colorado State.

date opponent Eastern Time Place
December 2 with Gonzaga 10pm. las vegas
December 10 vs long beach state 4 pm. angels
December 17 at auburn 1 pm Auburn, Alabama
December 19 in alabama 7pm Montgomery (Alabama)
December 28 in oregon 9 pm Eugene, Oregon
December 30 in oregon 10pm. Corvallis, Oregon
January 3 with california 10pm. angels
January 6 with Stanford University 4 pm. angels
January 10 with washington state 10:30pm angels
January 13 in colorado 10pm. Boulder, Colorado

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Lakers 2023-2024 Calendar

Over the same period as USC’s next 10 games, the Lakers have 20 games left, at least 10 of which will be played in Los Angeles. No. 20 (and possibly No. 21) depends on the Lakers’ success in the NBA Championship.

When comparing calendars, The Lakers will be in Los Angeles, while USC will be in Eugene, Oregon. December 28.he December 30LeBron James turns 39, Lakers will be in Minneapolis, while Trojans will be in Corvallis, Ore..

he January 3 This is the only date the Lakers and Trojans will play in Los Angeles. USC will be at Boulder, Colo., on January 13, while the Lakers will be at Salt Lake City on January 13.

date opponent Eastern Time
December 2 with the rockets 10:30pm
December 5 with the Suns 10pm.
December 7 or 8 confirm confirm
December 12 in the mavericks 7:30pm
December 13 at Tottenham 8pm
December 15 at Tottenham 7:30pm
December 18 vs. knicks 10:30pm
December 20 on the bulls 8pm
December 21 in the timberwolves 9 pm
December 23 in thunder 8pm
December 25 vs celtics 17:00
December 28 vs. hornets 10:30pm
December 30 in the timberwolves 8pm
December 31 on the pelicans 7pm
January 3 with heat 10pm.
January 5 vs. grizzlies 10pm.
January 7 with scissors 9:30 pm
January 9 vs. raptors 10:30pm
January 11 with the Suns 10pm.
January 13 in jazz 9:30 pm

There were no scheduling conflicts that kept James from missing Lakers games last season, but there were Two examples illustrate your willingness and ability to travel to visit your children.

The Lakers will face the Bulls in Chicago on March 29th. James and his family travel to Houston to watch Brownie in McDonald’s All-American Game March 28th. Almost two weeks later, LeBron James heads to Portland between games at Lakers home court Watch Bronny in action at the Nike Hoop Summittaking place on April 8 at the Moda Center.

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