Why Special Operation: Lioness is currently the most-watched game on Paramount+

Despite the star cast and the important signature in the script, Special Operation: Lioness, a rare tale of espionage and war written almost entirely by women, appears to be basing its success at Paramount+ largely on word of mouth, with audiences patiently waiting for each new episode without losing interest, and some new viewers with each episode week. What fuels this (slow) conquest?

Star protagonists

Let’s start with the three main characters. They are the ones who interpret them Nicole Kidman, Zoe Saldanha and Leisla De Oliveira. And already with the first two names we fly to the red carpet. Not only that, but for Zoe Saldana, the queen of sci-fi Avatars To Guardians of the Galaxy AND Star TrekThe role in this series marks a different nuance in both the story and the type of character played, one that is grittier and darker than usual. The list of actors continues with Michael Kelly and Morgan Freemana name that slips away again in a whisper Wow.

Nicole Kidman, Michael Kelly and Zoe Saldana Special Operation: Lioness

Luke Varley / Paramount+

The Narrative Flair of a Screenwriter of Paramount+’s Greatest Hits

Special Operation: Lioness born from mind and pen Taylor Sheridanthe man who revived the western on television with Yellowstone as well as the prequels and spin-offs that now revolve around it. But he didn’t stop there, guaranteeing the platform other successes such as milestones. Tulsa King with Sylvester Stallone and Mayor of Kingstown with Jeremy Renner. His projects guarantee continuity (that is, a coherent plot over time), a good dose of drama and action, strong family tension and a good percentage of plot twists. In this case, in the context of espionage and state protection. Essentially, the three main characters are part of a special team created to prevent the imminent danger of a terrorist attack.

Nicole Kidman’s confidence

This story of spies seeking to save their homeland from a still subterranean and mysterious danger originally featured the Oscar winner. Watch production, but once she managed to obtain a copy of the script, she expressed her soon-to-be-fulfilled desire to participate as an actress.

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