Why the live-action remake of Snow White terrified a Disney movie star.

The protagonist of the live-action version of Snow White, Rachel Zegler, reveals why her role as a Disney princess initially terrified her. In the live-action version of Snow White, the rising star of West Side Story will play the titular princess. Directed by Marc Webb, the film will also star Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen and a supporting cast of Andrew Burnap, Luisa Guerreiro, Katie Hardwick, Dujonna Gift and Joshmaine Joseph. Snow White is scheduled for release on March 22, 2024.

Zegler explains why she got scared at the beginning of the role of Snow White. Speaking to NME, Zegler points out that Snow White is not just any Disney princess, but the original princess from 1937, when it was the first Disney princess movie. Now starring in the live-action version, this new acting experience made Zegler feel the pressure. Here is Zegler’s full quote:

“I was terrified, terrified, terrified, terrified because I was playing the first princess. All of the Disney Princesses are based on the 1937 Snow White outline. You have so many conversations leading up to this. You’re going to cut all the hair and learn to dance with all these fake animals and things that aren’t there. It was a lot of pressure.”

While Zegler isn’t the first actress to adapt a major Disney animated role into a live-action film, this Snow White role is more crucial to her career. Though she’s set to star in many blockbusters, Zegler’s film career is still relatively new but thriving. Her first screen role was as the female lead Maria in the 2021 adaptation of West Side Story directed by Steven Spielberg which hit theaters less than two years ago.

West Side Story has seen a big leap in being recognized by the Hollywood community. Unlike many stars who see humble beginnings in indie films or a series of isolated television episodes, Zegler has set the bar high for his career by working under Spielberg, one of Hollywood’s most renowned directors. After West Side Story, Zegler received offers for roles in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, a voice role in the animated film Spellbound and the upcoming Snow White.

With Snow White, Zegler has a chance to further establish herself not only as an up-and-coming talent but as a blockbuster actress. West Side Story has already showcased Zegler’s powerful and beautiful vocal abilities, a quality that will likely shine through in The Hunger Games prequel and Snow White. Through Disney’s film, Zegler will add a studio to his already impressive list of producers, making the young actress’ future look incredibly bright.

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