Why Tom Brady decided to split from Irina Shayk

it’s over! No drama or scandal, tom brady and Irina Shayk They decided to end their relationship that started three months ago.

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So, days after it was confirmed that the legendary former NFL quarterback and the model had split, an insider revealed the reasons for the breakup to the English-language newspaper The Daily Mail.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner decided to end his relationship with Irina due to a lack of relationship time that prevented him from giving all his attention to the model.

“If Tom had more time for love, he would be all in and probably still date Irina. He really thinks she’s cool, but Tom is still busy with his business, being on the sports team he owns being a part of the team, preparing for a job as a commentator next year and becoming a father. “Being Tom Brady is very busy. “

The source added that despite their breakup, Tom Brady and Irina Shayk remain on friendly terms and since it’s easier for them to be friends now, they’re not ruling out the possibility of meeting up again in the future.

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