Why Tom Brady is unlikely to join the Jets

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitts Veteran NFL reporter Charles Robinson breaks down the multiple barriers to Aaron Rodgers’ return to the field in New York after he suffered a season-ending injury. Listen to the full conversation in “inside Coverage,” part of the “Zero Blitz” podcast, and subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen.

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Jason Fitz: The NFL’s bylaws are very clear. You can’t be part of an ownership group and also be in the game. So the only way Tom Brady could play is if he goes in and the Raiders go in and decide to cancel the ownership vote request, but there’s no indication that’s going to happen. To do that, Tom Brady also has to decide that he no longer wants to be a part of the team that’s now giving him ownership opportunities, which aren’t easily available in the NFL.

He has to come back and play behind the Jets’ offensive line. There’s a lot that would need to happen for Brady to get there, it’s almost impossible, and it’s inconsistent with any business value he’s shown.

Charles Robinson: As you said, Brady basically said, you know what, I’m going to move on and not get an ownership stake in the Raiders. The easiest way is for him to clap his hands and say I want to go away. We’ll deal with that later. Or another party where the ownership stake is approved and then voted on. Can Tom go and play? Like all of this – I mean, the complexity of it is ridiculous.

Oh, by the way, this is just a little idea from the (BLEEP) Jets, okay?


He’s a guy who’s about to go into the Patriots’ Ring of Honor. The other side of the conversation, the B-side of the Brady conversation is to get Matt Stafford’s thoughts, right? Let me tell you something about Matt Stafford. Let me tell you something about the Rams. They just beat the Seahawks, who by the way, a lot of people think could be a dark horse in the NFC West. They did that with Tutu Atwell, a second-round pick who came off the bench and played pretty well. Puka.

So you have them, relying on the strength of Stafford and two young players, to go out and exceed expectations and win a game. And Matt Stafford’s small contract is one of the most difficult to trade in the NFL. If you trade Matt Stafford, you’re talking about a $55 million increase in your salary cap. That’s more than if you traded Kyler Murray now. So you’re probably not going to, yeah, let’s tell everybody we’re waving the white flag.

Jason Fitz: Let me quickly add another element on the B side. If they trade Matt Stafford, the next day, Aaron Donald will retire and Cooper Kupp will want to leave. So yes, they have to deal with all of that. go ahead.

Charles Robinson: This is a good point. Yes. No, that’s – you’re right. This is a good point. Aaron, I mean – okay, so you trade Matt Stafford, the next guy in your office is Aaron Donald. Do you really want to have this conversation?

So what do the Jets plan to do? Here’s what I know about the Jets. First, it’s very quiet. I think part of it was shock, right? So there aren’t a lot of people talking inside the organization and sending information out. Second, I think they’re trying to figure out what their options are and what they want to do.

Now, Chad Henne is a name dating back to his days with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Nathaniel Hackett already has some experience. Great, backup for Patrick Mahomes. Did a great job getting Mahomes ready. And by the way, he’s also been able to step in sometimes and say, hey, I’m capable of handling emergencies. In addition, I have entry-level experience. So I would say, think about those players, not this major, off swing.

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