Why you should swim naked in the ocean at least once in your life

We could answer this question with a simple “because,” but we’ll give you some more detailed reasons to encourage you to swim naked in the ocean at least once in your life (if you haven’t already done so). . Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Humility and shame about the human body Common in most contemporary Western cultures, nude bathing—beyond the privacy of the shower—can be interpreted as obscene, indecent, rude, vulgar There are even more Victorian adjectives for this supposedly inappropriate display of the body, as if we were born stuffed into happy (and uncomfortable) Bermuda shorts: Here’s 20 The most incomprehensible successful invention of the century?

But this is even Authorities may reprimand you if you swim nakedAlthough the Naturist Association defends “the complete legality of nudism anywhere”. However, if this is your first time, you may prefer to be more relaxed in one of these celestial oases.

Benefits of swimming naked in the sea

A man and a woman by the sea - Source: Depositphotos
A man and a woman by the sea – Source: Depositphotos

Thalasso bathing has many benefits, even in shorts, so as you can imagine, bathing in the nude is still similar…but different. Why?

More comfortable

Let’s start with the basics, leaving aside for a moment the psychological benefits, which are always harder to assess and generalize. In this sense, the most basic premise of nudism underpins the main benefit of bathing naked in the sea: more comfort. Why wear clothes when you don’t need them?pure common sense.

A swimsuit or bikini, even with the most advanced quick-drying materials, can still be a nasty element in the water. We don’t even get out when you’re wet.You must change and put on another swimsuit or other clothing to avoid “Caught a cold” As our mothers said. When you’re a kid you take it off and put it back on, but when you’re an adult you have to hide your change behind a towel so it doesn’t get seen by your privates and we pass out.

Of course, if you take a shower cold waters of the north sea In January, you can get a little chilly and miss your surfer’s wetsuit. Well, same thing, common sense: if I’m more comfortable in the water for a long time in a swimsuit or uniform and it’s not as cold, I’ll wear it, right? It’s not a question of pushing nudism to the other extremeturning it into posturing Not just in a sensible and natural manner.

accept our bodies

Naked men on the beach - Source: Depositphotos
Naked men on the beach – Source: Depositphotos

Besides the obvious reasons we just discussed, there are other reasons why people can take a shower naked. We think the main one has to do with how well we accept our bodies, but because of this Michelin, this cartridge belt, the slack here or the cellulite there, this never quite convinces our bodies.

Covering up that dissatisfaction doesn’t solve the problem, it hides it, not from others but from ourselves. When we hide an embarrassing part of our body, we trust others to punish us with curious glances. But the reality is that no one looks at anyone (at least not unduly) and we know all too well about ourselves, especially our so-called flaws.

Throwing your bikini or bathing suit on the beach is The first step in accepting our bodies. While you may feel helpless at first, psychologically, you will soon discover that there is nothing wrong with your body. That’s it. It’s more fun without clothes if the outside conditions are right.

For this reason, most people who bathe naked want to do it all over again.Not only is it beautiful, but Freedom from frustration and prejudicemainly sexual.

emancipatory bias

A man walks naked on a beach - Source: Pexels
A man walks naked on a beach – Source: Pexels

According to the Naturist Association, the biggest legal problems facing naturists are Section 185 of the Criminal Code applies Regarding “exhibitionism and sexual provocation”: “Anyone who commits or causes other obscene exposure in front of a minor or incapacitated person shall be fined from three to ten months.”

However, aside from this legal interpretation, the fact is that a large part of the nudist association and those who have tried it strongly defend it Nothing sexually provocative in it. On the contrary, in a nudist environment, a large part of the provocation comes from the “textile” visitors, that is, those who wear clothes.

This makes sense because Hypersexuality in Traditional Beaches Is Due to the Suggestions of ClothingAs is often the case throughout history: the men gathered around the Flatiron Building in New York bare their ankles, causing dizziness as the wind picks up there and lifts the women’s skirts.

Everything Hidden Arouses Curiosity…and Morbidity.like on that planet in one of the books in the saga Base In the works of Isaac Asimov, the residents there shudder at the sight of human hair, because they lack hair or hide it. This is our attitude towards all hidden things, which become objects of desire. If this desire is mishandled, it can have disastrous consequences..

However, on nudist beaches, in general, there is a healthy and unbiased environment: No posturing Not (only) body sculpting in the gym. You’ll find everything you don’t see on many textile beaches: bathers happily displaying their bodies, calmly enjoying communion with nature.

connection with nature

A woman bathes in the sea - Source: Unsplash
A woman bathes in the sea – Source: Unsplash

Comfort, self-acceptance, freedom from sexual prejudice, and communion with nature are the final pillars of sustainment The Calm and Sober Beauty of Nudism.Because once you’ve gone through the initial doubt, maybe there’s a chill in noticing how Sea water flows through your body completely freely without the need for a textile layer to hold it inbegins another process that has escaped psychology: a pure connection with nature.

Eventually, at some point, The fact that you’re naked won’t matter anymore. That’s who you are, and that’s enough. Time flies when you stop thinking about the experience of taking a shower naked: just the sea, the sky, and your body being rocked by the waves. When you wake up from your dream, you walk to the towel with a promise: this has to be repeated many times. Please don’t wear shorts!

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