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It was released in CD format.”Utopia“, the new album from award-winning, Diamond-certified, and eight-time Grammy-nominated artist Travis Scott, which has been streamed 1.7 billion times! Utopia” sums up all of Travis Scott’s abilities as a performer, writer, producer and collaborator.proving that he is once again an innovator capable of taking his music to an even higher level.

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The album debuted on #1st place in the global best debut albums chart, all on Spotify in just 24 hours plus 128 million streams and I become like this best artist debut to date and the fifth best debut in the platform’s history. Song “HYENA” debuted at number 1 on the world charts, along with 8 more songs from the album. (“MELTDOWN”, “FE!N”, “THANK GOD”, “MODERN JAM”, “MY EYES”, “DELRESTO (ECHO)”, “SIRENS” AND “GOD’S COUNTRY“) directly entered the Top 10 of the world rankings. All songs on the album entered the Top 30 of the world charts! On Apple MusicInstead of, YouTopia took first place in 120 countries. In Italy, “Youtopia” debuted at number one on the Album & Compilation Top Of The Music FIMI/Gfk Italia chart, staying there for 2 weeks in a row..

The album was preceded by a single “K-Pop” in collaboration with billion-stream hitmakers Bad Bunny and The Weekend, which has already reached the top 50 Italian radio airplay, as well as the top 3 global Spotify chart and top 15 Italian ranking. Travis Scott he also presented his film “Big Circus“, a surreal and psychedelic journey written and directed by the artist himself, which brings together visionary filmmakers (Gaspar Noe, Valdimar Johannsson, Nicolas Winding Refn, Harmony Korine, Khalil Joseph) from around the world to discover the kaleidoscopic human experience and the power of sound . The visual journey is accompanied by the enveloping sounds of the new album.

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