Will Ebon Moss-Bachrak become a Creature?

Bear Star could be joining the MCU as rocky Ben Grimm.

Fantastic Four they are undoubtedly among the most interesting groups in comics. Marvel: we are talking about a team consisting of Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm/Human Torch AND Ben Grimm / The Thing invented, in particular, back in 1961 thanks to the ingenuity of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In the original story, these four scientists on a space mission gained unimaginable powers after being exposed to mysterious cosmic rays. The characters were featured in two feature films in 2005 and 2007 respectively. Tim Story directing, which, however, were then left to their own devices. Reboot 2015 entrusted Josh TrankIt also only made the situation worse.

Fantastic Four it is expected to hit theaters in May 2025.

Fantastic Four - Operator

Now though Fox was acquired by Disney and the operating rights returned to the parent company, so Marvel absolutely wants Fantastic Four are an active partMarvel Cinematic Universe. For this reason, a film dedicated to the band has been announced, set to hit theaters in 2025 directed by Jon Watts (following the recent new Spider-Man films starring Tom Holland). At the moment, we are still in the pre-production stage of the project, and there have already been many rumors regarding the cast. The names have already been mentioned Adam Driver, Margot Robbie and Jack Quaid respectively for the role Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman and Human Torch even if the actors themselves deny it. In all the chaos, a rumor emerged from The Hot Mic podcast (via Heroic Hollywood). A possible name for the Thing was also mentioned, possibly involving an actor. Ebon Moss-Bachrach what we saw recently in the series Bear as Richie Jerimovich.

We clearly do not know whether the star in question will appear in it. Fantastic Four, but we hope that much more accurate and specific information will arrive as soon as possible.

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