Winning time, between legends and trash, the rise of the Lakers dynasty: here comes the second season. But are we sure that he always deserves a second chance? -MOU

The second season of the Hbo series “Victory Time” has started on Sky. The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. The Los Angeles team will have to re-assert themselves as NBA champions after their 1980 success. Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will take on the Boston Celtics, historic rivals now led by the Magic’s arch-rival Larry Bird, his college-era opposite. once. Every Monday a new episode (also streaming and on-demand on Now TV). The next stage of the path to the winning epic of the Showtime Basketball team, hoping that in addition to trash chatter, place will be given to the legends…

1984, Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Magic Johnsons Lakers (Quincy Isaiah), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Solomon Hughes) and Pat Riley (Adrien Brody) victory on the field of the Boston Celtics, the teams of whites and old people. The past is embodied in coach Rede Auerbach (Michael Chiklis), an enemy of the Los Angeles team. The final confrontation between the two ideas of the world: the sun of the city of angels and the magic of Johnson against the stability and constancy of the greenery of Boston and Larry Bird. Since the first season began in the future when Magic was diagnosed with HIV, the same thing happened with the second of Victory Time – The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty starts with an epilogue. After this opening bracket, the first episode aired on the channel Sky Monday, August 28 (Available on demand and streaming on Now TV), returns in the present for the first season in 1980. The Lakers had just become NBA champions (the question of the validity of the title of “world champions” had not yet arisen …) and plan to build an equally successful future. In fact, the beginning of the dynasty. The desire of the main characters to demonstrate that last year’s victory was not just a matter of luck is great: we see two coaches, Riley and Paul Westhead (Jason Segel) read newspapers questioning their talent as game strategists. The second, in particular, went from a professor of literature to an assistant coach in Head coach in a very short time frame. He had just won the ring by reciting Shakespeare’s “Henry IV” during the intermission. Of course, results legitimize any method as long as you stay on top. Magic and company are already looking forward to the different ways they can kick their opponents’ butts in the upcoming finals.. The goal, as already mentioned, is to “rip out the heart” of the Boston franchise. A dream more like an obsession. However, the start of the season does not go as planned. The rampant competitive spirit created by Kareem and Magic’s rivalry makes any team project difficult. In the end, the Lakers won even without Karim, who was injured in Game 5. Why not do without the old boss, so leaving room for the new one to come along with his impeccable smile and passes behind him. Revolution now. Or so Magic thinks. He doesn’t know he’ll still need a partner… Yet the blinding lights of Los Angeles seem to keep the young point guard out of Michigan’s sight. How will he manage “his” team? How will he behave like a father (not recognizing a son is not the best start)? Will his life off the field leave him unscathed? A mid-season cracked knee relentlessly replies: title defense this year will be a desperate venture.

RRepresenting a cultural icon, a brilliant image of the era is always a risky venture: doing too much or too little are two simple mistakes. Compliance with a sporting monument often leaves room for exaggeration. However, sometimes the bar is too low, for example Air is a big leap From Ben Affleck, in which Nike billionaires looked like oratory volunteers looking for 5×1000. HBO series conceived and produced Adam McKayformer director Big short deal AND Don’t look up and producer Continuity (the protagonist of the 2023 Emmy Awards) has the virtue of representing the “truth”: in business, only the fittest survive. Translation: they are all jerks.. The first season was not only based on the whiteness of Magic’s teeth and Jerry West’s urine (Jason Clark) interspersed with the student spirit of Dr. Bass (John S. Reilly), on the freshness of the dialogues and the vital responses of various interlocutors. THAT collage images of the 1970s were intended to surround the work, which is centered on real characters. And most importantly, their inflated egos.. Everyone always has to say. Everyone is looking for a second chance, convinced that they deserve it. Everyone thinks he’s worth a lot. Maybe too much. The second season of the series has just begun and every Monday we will see another piece of it. Completion announced in 1984 and the way forward is still unknown. Will we see heroes come to the rescue or tender little lambs doubting themselves? One thing is for sure: Los Angeles and its parties will not go unnoticed. Let’s hope that the main characters remember who they are: the legends of basketball, which was beyond. Chatterbox well dressed.

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