Woman fined €6,320 for spitting at police

The First Criminal Court of Alicante sentenced a 48-year-old Russian woman to a fine of 6,320 euros Attack on National Police Agents and spat in his face while yelling that he “had hepatitis” and “could catch it.”

Defendants ultimately reached agreement on union representatives’ private charges juboland the Prosecutor’s Office, who admitted responsibility for the reported incidents that took place in the city of Alicante in the summer of 2021.

As evidenced in the verdict, the now-convicted woman went to the house of her husband, with whom she must maintain a relationship. 300m restriction order. When there was no response, he left and returned hours later, knocking on the door repeatedly, a scene that was discovered by two state police agents.

The ruling clarified that after her arrest, she displayed contempt and resisted, both in her car and in her cell, kneeling on one of the agents in her cell. He spat at the officer while shouting “I have hepatitis and I want to beat you».

Following the attack, the officer received medical care for irritant conjunctivitis and underwent medical testing several weeks later to rule out the infectious disease.In this case, the woman who attacked him must compensate him €6,320was also sentenced to six months in prison for breaching a restraining order and an additional six months in prison for resisting a law enforcement officer.

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