“Women are asked to be pleasant and accommodating. There are no men”

“Actually, women are outspoken, but many of them are self-censoring because we are often not given the opportunity to speak the truth,” the actress said.

There was something wild and unconventional about her. It was a time when restrictions were placed on women as they tried to be the perfect housewives. But Kitty was a terrible mother and housewife. Spending time behind an apron was the lot of many women with big minds. I know many women of a certain age who are angry that their life is defined by being someone’s mom or someone’s wife. And I sympathize with it“. With these words released to the microphones The keeper, Emily Blunt he described Kitty Pueningnerd and former US Communist Party activist and wife of the father of the atomic bomb, a character she played in Oppenheimer, a new film by Christopher Nolan. Speaking about her role, the actress allowed herself to compare what women in the world of cinema are asked about today.

Emily Blunt and what women in the film industry are asking today

Emily Blunt;  cinematography.it

Even today in the movie business, women are required to be nice and helpful, while men are not. Nobody cared if Leonardo DiCaprio liked it in The Wolf of Wall Street. In fact, women are frank, but many limit themselves because we are often not given the opportunity to speak frankly. Or you are considered too ambitious or emotional if you think they are expressing their thoughtsEmily Blunt said. OppenheimerWe remind you that it will be released in Italian cinemas on August 23.

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