‘Women are uncomfortable negotiating for pay raises’: Amy Adams praised Emma Watson after long battle over Hollywood pay gap

The gender pay gap has been a long-standing problem in the entertainment industry, and Hollywood is no exception. Despite Tinseltown’s shiny façade, stark pay disparities between male and female actors have persisted for decades. The wage gap in Hollywood isn’t just a problem for actresses; it’s also a problem for female directors, writers and other crew members.

Amy Adams
Amy Adams

Amy Adams, a talented and experienced actress, known for her roles in films such as American Hustle And Arrival, explained her feelings and why she didn’t say anything publicly for a long time. Adams also praised actress Emma Watson for her work towards gender equality.

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What did Amy Adams say about the pay gap?

Amy Adams, a six-time Oscar nominee, believes a bigger issue than earning less than her male colleagues is gender equality around the world. She shared her personal experience of receiving less salary.

In an interview with Allure (Via Glamor), the actress said:

I didn’t feel comfortable (talking about it) because I don’t feel bad as an actress.“, said the actress. “I feel very lucky. I started doing research and was struck by how uncomfortable women were when negotiating for salary increases.

Amy Adams
Amy Adams

I probably admitted more things that I disagreed with as a woman because I felt like I had to.Adams told Allure. “I don’t like to fight. Sometimes I just agree to something even though I know it’s not in my best interest.

I used to keep my head down and do my job.” She said. “But it stopped serving me. Now I’m talking.»

Amy Adams’ advocacy for equal pay extends beyond her own experience. She was a champion for systemic change, advocating not only for herself, but for all women in the industry.

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Amy Adams – all praise to Emma Watson

Speaking about this topic and the fact that Emma Watson has been voicing for so many years, Amy Adams noted that this is a commendable work by the young actress. She said:

That’s what’s so great about what Emma Watson does. She’s not talking about actresses; she talks about women all over the world.»

Harry Potter The star announced back in 2016 that she would be taking a year off from acting to focus on feminism and what she calls “personal development,According to a Guardian report.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson

Conversation with British Elle magazine, Adams said“The negotiations reach a dead end, and I have to make a choice, which is what many women do.”

I can leave. But I choose not to, this is not just a problem with women’s wages; we need to work on how women are perceived in society and then the salary will reflect that.

The gender pay gap in Hollywood remains a widespread problem. While Hollywood has made strides in addressing the wage gap, much more needs to be done to achieve true gender equality.

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