“Women’s football goals make girls happy”

The Portuguese football player cristiano ronaldoshared her admiration for the evolution and development of women’s football Portugal. ronaldo He left a message at “Champions Gala‘He assured the women’s team had stopped hitting the crossbar and were now scoring goals.

In his writing, Christianity Noting that the evolution of women’s football is “a righteous cause, proudly committed and emotionally serious”.

“Until now, in the third decade of the 21st century, the football played by women no longer hits the crossbar. Because today it is the kind of football goals that make girls all over the country happy and tell them without fear: Come on Play football!” he claimed.

The Portuguese national team captain also asked for “more recognition” of the cause, which “we all fight for” and “we do every day”.

He asked for “more and more fields for them, yes, they need them” and “better and better schedules, yes, because their parents deserve it”.

Christianity He shared: “I embrace you today with great pride and follow you with greater energy every day, calling you all to fulfill the greatest mission in history: Come and Play!”

“Never forget this: persisting in dreaming, trusting, falling and getting up are the hallmarks of athletes and part of Portuguese history,” he concluded.

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