Women’s Football World Cup: “Salmamanía” World Cup: “No one is faster than her”

Women’s World Cup


The Spanish player became a sensation of the tournament and an international celebrity. His photographs adorn the streets of Sydney.

Salma, in training.
Salma, in training.david grayAFP

inside Chinatown of sydney There is a sports bar that has traditionally been one of the great temples of rugby until the world.Or rather, they arrived Matilda’s familyThe nickname of the Australian national team, the founder of the new home fan wave.the benefits of CooperOne of the pub’s regulars (“I swallowed all kinds of humanitarian drama in NGOs during the day, and at night I drank beer to forget about them,” he says), he had never seen one in his life before rugby was stripped The game came from him, on TV with Matilda’s family. Now he’s the biggest fan. But if someone asked him about a player, he would point to a Spaniard, though he couldn’t possibly pronounce her last name correctly.

«The guy who hit all the balls the other day. He came in like a motorcycle and was very fast,” said Cooper, after dropping his last name. His friend Pam, a real fan who boasted of having seen all the World Cup games, sent him a telegram: «Salma Paralulo.Fraruero. It’s incredible. I read your story in the newspaper. Sports shows talk about her a lot. They said he was an athlete.

Palm is right. Athletes who convert athletic tracks into soccer fields are becoming a media phenomenon outside of Spain, especially thanks to the large Anglo-Saxon media outlets, not just those devoted to sports.front Zaragoza,only 19 yearsOne of the revelations of this tournament and the most decisive player in Spanish crosses. He still has a chance to shine in the Finals.

How does the international media evaluate her? «Salma Paralluelo could have been Olympic Games Next year, if he decides to stay on track. But he chose football and guided Spain to the World Cup final, scoring two crucial goals to help his side move ever closer to their first major trophy. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

everyone remembers his goal in overtime Netherlands The decisive goal in the quarter-finals and in the 81st minute of the semi-finals Sweden.

The international media have carried out special reports on him

“Teenage star Salma Paralulo can lead Spain to glory”, headlines guardian. «Dynamic, technical, dynamic and unique. His versatility allows him to play on either side, though the left wing is likely to be where he makes the most impact, or straight into the ninth when needed. After starting Spain’s first four games, Jorge Verda opted to have her on the bench against the Netherlands and Sweden and used her as an impactful substitute, fresh leg infusion When the opponent tires,” continued the British newspaper Chronicle.

«no one is faster Better than Salma Paralluelo, better in Spain and probably better for the rest of the World Cup. A few weeks ago, I was a total stranger.Now, the football world knows all about her”, they commented on the American chain Fox TV. “She is the rising star who empowers the Spanish revolution”, they said in Al Jazeera. «Salma Celeste Pararulo Aingono.This is the name of a person who recently appeared in many Google searches after Spain reached the final for the first time,” they said in politicianone of India’s largest daily newspapers.

Paraluelo was recognized by passers-by, mostly Australian men in their 20s, as he took selfies on the street in Sunday’s final match between Spain and England in central Sydney. Although only the Spanish fans who traveled to Australia to watch the game can get a better understanding of her at present.

For example, his father is Spanish and his mother is from Equatorial Guinea. Or he plays for Barcelona, ​​making his senior debut in November 2022, scoring three goals against Argentina. Or, in athletics, he set the under-20 record for Spain in the 400 meters and 400 hurdles, as well as in track and field competitions. 2019 European Indoor Championships. Or his two goals in last year’s U-20 World Cup final, which Spain won. Or, at a lower level, he also won an U-17 European Cup and another U-17 World Cup.

Now, the Grand Slam champion could complete an incredible list of winners in Sydney before turning 20. But whatever happens, the new media phenomenon – and football – is just getting started in the tournament in the Pacific. Salmamanía is still around for a while.long time

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