Wonka, an actor with dwarfism, criticizes Grant’s casting

will come December 13, 2023 Netflix Wonkafilm dedicated to the youth of the eccentric owner Chocolate Factory developed Roald Dahl and translated on this occasion Timothy Chalamet (trailer here). The film will have a truly stellar cast, in which the name Hugh grant cast as Oompa-Loompas, quirky little creatures who help Willy in the factory. However, this choice of actors raised more than one eyebrow.

George Koppenactor with dwarfism, seen in projects such as Willow AND Artemis Fowl in fact, he heavily criticized the production for choosing an able-bodied actor.

I and many actors (with dwarfism) feel like we’ve been kicked out of the industry we love,” Koppen told the BBC. Many people, including myself, argue that gnomes should be offered everyday roles in fiction and soap operas, but we are not offered such roles. One door closes but they forgot to open the next one

Koppen also criticized the way Grant’s body was altered in Wonka .

They enlarged his head to make it look bigger. I thought, “What the hell did you do to him?”

WITH Timothy Chalamet AND Hugh grant in the cast of this Wonka will be Olivia Colmanhighly regarded actress face Queen Elizabeth From Crown, Rowan Atkinson, the legendary Mr Bean. With them Sally Hawkinsmain character water shape AND Keegan Michael Keyfavorite face How I Met your mother. The film, which will become a musical, will be directed by Paul King, director of two highly acclaimed chapters in the saga of Paddington.

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