Words of pride!See what Barack Obama said about Michael Jordan

To fans and those involved in the sport, Michael Jordan is considered the greatest athlete of all time after his performance in the 1990s when he won six championship rings with the Chicago Bulls.

Chicago teams are in the midst of celebrations ring of honor, The ring that Michael Jordan and his team earned during the 1995-96 season when they broke the record for most wins by a five-man team in the regular season.

To honor these champions, the organization is bringing together luminaries to write about the unforgettable players on the Bulldogs. On this occasion, the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, I’ve had the pleasure of writing some letters of praise for Michael Jordan.

“Michael helped place American sports and African-American athletes at the center of entertainment, fashion and pop culture, changing not only our country’s business but also how the rest of the world viewed America.”the former president wrote.

Obama mentioned that His Majesty the King left a deep mark on the history of American sports and established an image for the country during that period. During his speech, the president also talked about his accomplishments, such as his six championships, six Finals MVPs and five regular season MVPs in Chicago.

The president’s rehearsal display is in the United Center’s atrium, an area open to the public at certain times and also to fans attending Bulls games Jan. 10-12.

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