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Copenhagen – Regional Office for Europe World Health Organization (WHO) A number of countries have seen an increase in flu cases in recent weeks, warning on Tuesday that pressure on hospitals could increase.

“We are concerned about reports of localized pressure on hospitals and overcrowding in emergencies as respiratory viruses are spreading,” WHO Europe director Hans Kluge told a news conference.

In the 53-country European region, which includes Russia and several former Soviet republics, hospitalizations for influenza have increased by 58% in the past two weeks compared with the previous two weeks, and the number of people in intensive care has increased by 21%.

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The most affected groups are the elderly over 65 and young children. “We are seeing high influenza infection intensity in several countries in the region. Health systems must prepare for a possible increase in influenza cases in the coming weeks,” Kruger said.

Krueger highlighted that in addition to influenza and Covid-19, there have been clusters of human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) during these weeks, along with other pathogens such as microplasma and measles, and their impact on children. Especially serious.

“RSV rates peaked before the New Year and are now declining, Covid-19 rates are still high but are falling, and influenza rates are growing rapidly,” Kruger said, stressing that this trend “is not necessarily Unfashionable.” “Start with the ordinary.”

He stressed the importance of closely monitoring the evolution of influenza and other respiratory viruses and criticized 13 countries in the region for not providing data on these viruses last week.

Catherine Smallwood, director of emergencies programs, similarly stressed that the World Health Organization did not change its advice on the use of masks last year, recalling that it still “strongly recommends” the use of masks in health centers, particularly where COVID-19 is present The spread of -19.

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