World of Warcraft players raised $1.5 million to help Ukraine

Blizzard Entertainment announced that World of Warcraft Players raised $1.5 million for Ukraine relief efforts between July and August 2023 with a special pet pack that unlocks Sunny the Golden Retriever and Flurky the Murloc in both Modern and Classic versions of the game. Wow.

The time-limited package was created to support BlueCheck, a non-profit charity that distributes funds to NGOs working to provide support in Ukraine. To promote this set widely, Blizzard teamed up with actress Mila Kunis, a self-proclaimed fan of the set. World of Warcraft row.

World of Warcraft Community is the first gaming community I’ve ever been a part of, with strangers who didn’t care who or what I was,” Kunis said at the time about her participation. “I know how generous they can be and what they can achieve if we work together.”

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As Blizzard announced, many fans showed up for the $20 charity package, providing ample support for those facing hardships during the ongoing war in Ukraine. 100% of funds raised have now been sent to BlueCheck, with several NGOs receiving support through expedited funding processes. These NGOs include:

  • Ukrainian Relief Organization (UAO) – An organization that provides free medical care to Ukrainians in rural villages. Using the funds received, the OJSC will create mobile medical teams to provide services to patients remote from medical institutions.
  • Project Victory – An organization that provides food, shelter, medicine and basic necessities to people in any region affected by war. Project Victory is using the funds to collect emergency medical supplies for nine frontline hospitals.
  • Lviv INSO – An organization that used to be a philharmonic society, but now serves as a center for humanitarian aid. Lvov INSO will use funds to purchase emergency goods for front-line zones.

Other supported organizations include Voices of children, Save the world in Ukraine, Starenki, Money for refugees, SpivDiya, TAPS Ukraine, And MoveUkraine. Each of them uses the funds raised to help those affected by war and ensures that essential supplies are delivered to where they are needed most.

As the war in Ukraine continues, those who are able to donate are encouraged to continue to support organizations like BlueCheck, which is actively making a difference in the region.

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