Worst Scenes in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

Let’s put together what was the worst scene of the trilogy for the web batman by Christopher Nolan. Let us just tell you that there is a villain involved and that definitely wouldn’t make dad proud one bit.

here’s what it was worst scene appearing in the trilogy batman drawn by Christopher Nolan Which shocked all the fans. He didn’t have the sneaky style you’d expect from a villain, so his performance let down a lot, as his father was much more gracious despite being a worse villain.

Despite that, Nolan has created a world batman was considered better view Overall, on the winged superhero, as there was everything you’d expectbatman According to comic book history. then oh well didn’t get any more great Heath Ledgerare in the role of clownIt was a shock to all.

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most viewed trilogy of all time

Christopher Nolan gave birth to one trilogy Highly regarded, still loved many years after the release of the final chapter of the saga, which focuses on one of the most loved superheroes of all time, that is batman, There have been several movies based on this DC Comics character, but the story you can taste in this series is something extraordinary as it has the right dose of everything, pain, vengeance and hope.

included in this trilogy Batman BeginsReleased in 2005, dark Knight released in 2008 and finally The Dark Knight Returns Released in 2012. among various cast name Among those who have appeared in various films, of course the undisputed protagonists are Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Heath Ledger and many others.

story that follows the events of bat man keep secret He is recognized when he is not wearing clothes batmantrying to keep safe gotham city From the various villains of history, ha won many awards and prizesGiving a lot of satisfaction to the director.

Death of Talia al Ghul NewsCinema.it

For many the worst scene is only one

trilogy Of batman Of Christopher Nolan as we told you it was one of the best stories And always follow about the masked super hero. of course, as in all things two sides of the coinThis franchise has not only been idolized but has also been widely criticized for some order Which he really didn’t like. one of which was particularly one of the worst scenes Of this story

We are talking death of the villainMiranda Tate aka Talia al Ghul Of Marion Cotillarddaughter of equally bad, ra al ghul, for many, his death scene just didn’t like it, because there was no dose of elegance Which was shown by his father during his death. it has been for many flat sequencenot even the movie, she just died and batman He can continue his rescue mission, disarming that bomb without her as a ‘thorn in his side’. After reporting the opinion of the majority, What did you think about it, Do you agree too?

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