WWE: The Rock Breaks His Silence After Returning To SmackDown

These days all the attention is focused on Rockwho, as we could see, returned in the last episode Collapse.

Return of the Star Hollywood which has fans excited and causing a lot of reaction given the numbers so far (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM).

Here’s The Rock’s comment after the blue show

After a day or more of silence, The Rock wanted to comment with X’s post on his presence at the Stamford Federation show.

“I was – and still am – completely blown away by the reaction of the crowd in Denver last Friday night at SMACKDOWN. My appearance was a 💯 surprise to everyone and the crowd of 14,000 people erupted into a roar of 100,000 people. The 5 Loudest Public Reactions of My Career 🤯🥹🙏🏾 (Which I Thought “Damn” When I Left 🤣 ). I’m so grateful and proud of this. I never take it for granted and “coming home” will always be sacred to me. Thanks to my friend PatMac, as well as the talented Austin Theory, the @wwe family backstage, Team Rock backstage – everyone who joined us to go ALL-IN. But first of all, thank you with all my love, gratitude and respect to THE PEOPLE. Our connection is real. Electrifying. ~ champion of the people ✊🏾.”

As we said earlier, at the moment Rock should not take part in other shows WWE.


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