WWE wants Cristiano Ronaldo to compete at Crown Jewel event

Sebastian Martinez on 09/20/2023

WWE will visit Saudi Arabia One of two annual events held in the Middle Eastern country in November. Not much is known about the show, although news has emerged in recent days that it will take place under the acronym “Crown Jewel” and that some big stars like John Cena or Roman Reigns will be participating in the show.

In recent hours, rumors like this have been circulating on the Internet: Cristiano Ronaldo likely to make special appearance at Crown Jewel. It has not been revealed what role he will play, but in any case, it will be related to the role of host to attract more casual viewers.

According to reports, Endeavor will be behind the idea. The company recently absorbed WWE to create TKO Holdings Group, which owns the acronyms for UFC and WWE. Endeavor hopes to look further and engage in purely commercial activities to gain greater recognition and benefits. In fact, it was recently reported that the company wanted CM Punk back in the WWE locker room after the wrestler was fired from All Elite Wrestling.

Plan almost abandoned

However, some professional media described Cristiano Ronaldo’s news as Fake new.Others, like expert Boozer 666, who posted the scoop on Twitter, have suggested that WWE is open to this type of appearance, and Even if they will look for other alternatives to Ronaldo. However, it looks like Cristiano Londardo’s appearance in Crown Jewel won’t be happening.

“They don’t just want Cristiano Ronaldo. Although I highly doubt it. Many local agreements need to be made between large government departments,” Boozer666 wrote on Twitter. “In my opinion, this won’t happen. But it would be hilarious if it happened.“.

cristiano ronaldo He is a famous professional football player, considered by many to be one of the best players in recent decades. After leaving Manchester United, Ronaldo joined Al Nasr Football Club in the Saudi Professional League in January 2023.

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