WWE: Who will face Logan Paul at SummerSlam? come up with a surprising name

logan paul He surprised the wrestling world when he announced that he would participate in Money in the Bank ladder match, youtuber is back Raw after fighting for the last time wrestlemania 39, mavericks will be joined by six other superstars this Saturday night United Kingdom to secure the briefcase which guaranteed a future title match.

In The Biggest Party Of The Summer, Paul Could Be Pitted Against A SmackDown Star

there was a rumor logan would have faced john cena To summer Slam, but those plans have likely been canceled. A new report has emerged from zero news And wrestling buddy according to which Paul may encounter a new star smack downi.e grayson waller, the latter may also appear money in the bank and match price a mavericks, to be held in the next section smack down The purpose of this apparently is to set the stage for their feud.

Aussie Hustler Has Been Quite Well Established In The Blue Show WWE He is slowly introducing her to the audience of the main roster. There are also some subtle teasing hints hinting at a feud aj stylesBut the giants are currently in rivalry carrion cross,

Other names circulated as possible opponents. logan most important event of the summer Ricochet, bad rabbit and even the heavyweight champion of the world seth rollins , Waller already mentioned Paul as the perfect opponent for him and also revealed that he wanted to “expose” the internet star.

Source: Sportskeeda.com

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