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Over ten years tweets and photos suddenly disappeared from X due to a bug affecting posted messages until December 2014 on Twitter at the time, especially those who used branded platform service for shortening links. Among this very large group of content is the famous selfie taken on the evening of the 2014 Oscars and posted on her profile by American comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres, who set the record for most retweets on the social network. However, the tweet has already been restored, which suggests that the company’s managers are working on it. try to recover all that was lost.

Just like the debate about solution Elon Musk from remove user block feature, X is facing another major glitch, this time with a huge number of tweets posted before December 2014 that appear to have been deleted. Many users became aware of the bug over the weekend and are complaining about the loss of even hundreds if not thousands of posts from their past that have only partially begun to become visible again in the last few hours. It looks like the bug affected branded service that shortens links X, saving space in the hit counter.

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According to recent data, all “disappeared” posts would actually still be present on the servers society. Thus, the problem will be limited only to the correct display of attached images and shortening of links through the internal system. X’s engineers and developers (those spared from major layoffs) are rebuilding everything in a process that should be gradual. Therefore, a little patience will be required: time will tell if preservation of the historical archive of Twitter will be successful or part of the “memory” of the platform will be lost forever.

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