Xabi Lame is the king of social media, 160 million followers on TikTok.

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July 22, 2023, 09:29

Now it has become a real phenomenon in social networks. We are talking about Xabi Lame, a young tiktoker who conquered millions of fans with his videos. The first answer of 2023 has also arrived, which refers to the first half of this year.

He is the most followed on TikTok with 160 million followers. Behind him is darkness. The second is dancer and influencer Charlie D’Amelio, who, however, has 10 million fewer followers.

Most popular tiktokers

Score updated to latest June 29th so definitely up to date. It belongs to the most popular tiktokers in our area and is compiled social tracker. Who are these web stars? Here is the rating:

  1. Xabi Lame: 160,100,000
  2. Charlie D’Amelio: 150,700,000
  3. Bella Poarch: 92,700,000
  4. Addison Ray: 88,600,000
  5. Mr Beast: 83,200,000

So, these are the 5 most popular social media accounts of young people. But how did this success come about? tiktoker? Xabi Lame is an Italian boy of Senegalese descent who became popular through a series of videos posted on his TikTok profile. These are short-lived videos in which he ironically offers simple solutions and problems that seemed difficult, and does so with an irony that immediately went viral online, so much so that it became memes.

In June 2022, he overtook D’Amelio in the ranking of the most popular tiktokers and since then, a year later, he has not left the top of the ranking.

His success was incredible, so much so that he took a small role in voice acting Black Panther Wakanda Forever. He also signed a multi-year contract with Huho Boss and was a judge on Italia’s Got Talent. In short, after social media, his success came to other sectors of the entertainment industry as well.

Xabi Lame, an unprecedented success

We can say with some knowledge that Xabi Lame’s success is unprecedented in the social media world. When we talk about the most popular influencers, his figure is probably the perfect fit, even if he doesn’t consider himself an influencer in the strict sense, given that he basically just keeps offering ironic and funny videos. Without a doubt, the young man wants to further expand his fame by participating in new projects. In this regard, we note documentary “I am Habane”, telling his own story and presented at the Taormina Film Festival on 27 June.

And to think that his situation seemed far from rosy when he started making videos.

In the midst of a pandemic in 2020 dismissed and lost his worker’s job. At that time, he decided to make videos on TikTok. An accident (loss of a job) that suddenly turned into a huge stroke of luck. Such sliding doors. Would he have made the same video if he hadn’t been fired? Maybe yes, but certainly not in that order. In short, we are talking about a media phenomenon that also represents a mirror of our time, but which at the same time is of interest to deeper sociologists, as it seems in Lame’s language. universalbased solely on his facial expressions and without having to say any words in his video.


  • Xabi Lame is the most followed tiktoker with 160 million followers;
  • in second place is Charlie D’Amelio with 150 million followers;
  • Lame’s success transcends social barriers, so much so that a documentary has also been released on his life.

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