“Yes, Bella, you were the horse of your life.” An emotional farewell to actress Kaley Cuoco, star of The Big Bang Theory

“Sometimes horses come into your life and really make you see the world in a new and beautiful way. Yes, Bella, you have been the horse of your life.” So, in her profile on the social network, Kaley Cuoco, a very popular American television actress, just said goodbye to her beloved Bella.

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Just a few months ago, he also had to say goodbye to his dog for the last time, confirming a truly sad 2023 for the star of such successful sitcoms as Charmed and The Big Bang Theory. The heartbreaking post was published on Instagram. “Sometimes horses come into your life and make you see the world in a new and beautiful way: Yes, Bella, you were the horse of my life.” In addition to the parting words, the actress also wanted to publish several photographs of herself, in happy moments, together with a sweet mare, with whom, it should not be forgotten, he often competed at national meetings and competitions: “You taught me to fly and brought me to the arena of dreams, which, as I thought I could only imagine,” he writes again: Kaylee.

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“You always had the heart of a warrior, until your last breath. You deserve all the love, gratitude and respect my heart can carry. Thank you for giving me everything from the day we met.” The intimacy and participation in the artist’s pain came from users, subscribers and fans. Condolences also include those of colleagues Amanda Seyfried and Brad Goreski. “I have six horses, and they are the biggest blessing in my life. Riding is why I am so rooted, especially in this business. Without them, I would not have had much luck in my career,” he often said.

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Kaley often and willingly, in order not to influence the jury and to avoid too much attention due to her fame as an actress, participates in competitions under an assumed name. “I actually started going by a secret name, a sort of pseudonym,” he said in a recent interview, “because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, which gets difficult when you’re being followed everywhere.”

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