‘You are putting yourself at risk’

Jalen Hurts’ quarterback sneak catches Tom Brady’s attention. The retired quarterback has seen what he does and how successful it is, but he has a word of caution for the young star. The show is wildly successful, but it can also be dangerous.

he said on “Let’s Go!” podcast:

“My only concern in that game was, they all know what happens when you line up and the quarterback is going to take a lot of throws. I don’t know how many throws you want your quarterback to take. “

The NFL’s list of hits is growing rapidly. While other mobile quarterbacks have had their careers cut short by the hits they took, Hurts was willing to sneak in a few hits over and over again. Brady continued:

“So, yes, it’s effective for a gain of one yard, but one day when someone hits the quarterback on the right shoulder, it might not be effective because they know it’s coming.”

Jalen Hurts sneaks effectively

He knew the Philadelphia Eagles would reap a short-term gain in what was almost a guaranteed first down. It was an unprecedented success and helped them win the tournament. However, Brady worries about the long-term impact this will have on the shining star at the quarterback position:

“So you might have some short-term gain, you might have some long-term pain, so they might have to come up with a ‘tush toss’ or a ‘tush push’ or some variation of a ‘tush push’ to keep people honest , because if they keep lining up and your teammate is your quarterback, even though Jalen is a very strong guy, you’re putting yourself at risk.”

The Eagles have been so successful, but have they taken unnecessary risks?

What is the success rate of an Eagles quarterback sneak attack?

The Eagles frequently performed the “Tush Push” (as it is now called). Jason Kelce passed the ball to Jalen Hurts and moved forward with the rest of the offensive line. The running back is behind Hurts, giving him more momentum going forward.

If their timing is right, the defender can’t really get a counter attack, which is why the success rate so far is 92%.

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