“You have no respect.” She tearfully apologizes

Forced to apologize on TikTok after she “bragged” about buying a house at 21 without it mutual. Katylee Bailey, influencers which has nearly 3 million followersappeared in tears in a videoafter being attacked by followers.

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The apology video

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for anyone who feels like I’m bragging about the house thing – said the young woman – Yes, the system is absolutely wrong, I will never understand the fact that I was so lucky,” she said. The girl felt compelled to justify a success in her life, overwhelmed by the hatred of those who attacked her without sparing her.

Social attacks

“Have respect for those who go to work every day,” they wrote to her. And again: «A house at 21 making stupid videos, congratulations». “Nice but it’s crazy to me that people work, save for life and will probably work into their 70s to pay off their mortgage,” wrote another. All comments that struck the girl, to the point of prompting her to record an apology video.



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