‘You have to be naked for a long time’: ‘Body on Fire’ star details intimate scene

As usual, Netflix A new crime story is released, and this time, Rosa Peral’s case shocks Spain 2017.

The woman was city ​​defender barcelona and was found guilty along with her lover.The series premiered on the platform a few weeks ago, and they also released the documentary “Rosa Peral’s Ribbons.”

As part of promoting production, Ursula Coberó (the famous Tokyo native in “Paper House”) plays the role of Peral, Quim Gutiérrez plays the love interest Albert.

People think everything is super sexy

The plot includes several sex scenes, so it’s not surprising that they were asked this. They responded bluntly.

“You have to be naked for a long time”the actor said in a recent interview, with his co-star adding: “With someone you don’t know.”

Gutierrez continued: “Yeah, it’s very uncomfortable”, In addition, he also joked that he fell ill while filming: “I got bronchitis while we were filming.”“It’s a really silly anecdote, I thought the fucking sequence was…a lot of nudity in a week.”

He added: “This is an image of a man having sex in his old age who needs a respirator.” Finally, her partner added: “People think everything is super sexy.”

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