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Porpeto (UD) – This year also the International Youth Grand Prix of Porpeto (UD) ended with great success for the participation and spectators. In fact, 243 shooters representing 12 countries and 11 Italian regions took part in the nineteenth edition of the international event reserved for the Under 20s. On this occasion, the young Italian shooters involved in the 14th Bashieri Grand Prix and Pellagri Cup also met at the Friuli facility.

Making his international debut, in the junior men’s category at Fossa Olimpica, Alessandro Salandini of Pozzolengo (BS) was the top honors winner as he took gold with 117/125 +9 in qualifying and 46/50 in the final. took. , Joining him on the podium was Francesco Tanfoglio (Fiame Oro) of Mascoline (BS), who won the silver medal with 177/125 +10 in qualifying and 40/50 in the final. Slovakian Terzolo Timotej Toth, bronze with 120/125 and 32/40.

Italy also won gold and silver among the women. In this case the protagonists of the venture were Sofia Litame (Military Air Force) from Baoan (PD), first with 114/125 and 39/50, and Laura Zeni from Mazzano (BS), second with 109/125 +4 and 36. were in place. /50. The third step of the podium went to British Tegan Hart with bronze with 104/125 and 29/40.

Italy also won two gold medals in the team classification. Among the men, the best was Valentino Curti, Samuel Faustinelli and Ricardo Mirabile, who ranked first with a total of 342/375, while among the women, Sofia Litme, Marica Patera and Ariana Rossetto achieved primacy. Score of 314/375.

While in the international field, Italy did well in skeet, winning gold and silver in the men’s individual classification with Matteo Bragli of Pistoia (PT) first with 116/125 in qualifying and 56/60 in the final. and Antonio Montegiordano (CS) to La Volpe (Fiame Ouro), finished second with 121/125 in qualifying and 54/60 in the final. Czech Martin Veselić finished third with 118/125 +2 and 44/50 to complete the podium. For the women, Germany set the pace, securing the entire podium. First place went to Emily Bunden, second to Louis Middle and third to Hannah Middle.

For the team classification, the men’s gold went to the Blues with Antonio La Volpe, Paolo Micheli and Gioele Carletti who authored an overall total of 349/375, while the Germans won with 332/375 for the women.

As far as the National Grand Prix, reserved for Italian regions, is concerned, among the male students of Fossa Olimpica Giacomo Ziviani from Castellone (VR) performed best with 112/125 in qualifying and 17/25 in the final. The silver medal went to Vincenzo D’Antuono of Vaprio d’Agogna (NO) with 104/125 +1 and 16/25, while the bronze went to Kevin Rizzo of Prato (PO) with 106/125 and 14/25. Among students, Gaia Caliari of Monzambano (MN) climbed to the top of the podium with 95/125 in qualifying and 18/25 in the final. They were followed by Elisa Castellana, from Villanova d’Albenga (SV), in the silver medal with 93/125 and 16/25 +2, and Ester Bravin, from Morciano di Romagna (RN), in bronze with 89/125 and 16/25, respectively. . 25 +1.

Among the young men’s hopes, gold went to Andrea Diana of Frosinone with 110/125 +0 in qualifying and 19/25 +2 in the final, followed by Dennis Zaccuri of Motta San Giovanni (RC) on the podium with 109/125 and 19/25 +1 and Vito Rocca di Tirolo (CZ) with 110/125 +3 and 18/25, silver and bronze respectively.

Among the young ladies’ hopes was Giada Sclavini of Chiari (BS) who earned gold with 85/125 and 20/25. Joining her on the podium were Beatrice Zambon from Pramaggiore (VE), who won silver with 96/125 and 19/25, and Camilla Stella Piazza from Genoa won bronze with 108/125 and 17/25.

Among the male novices, gold went to Fabio Marchiori of Rovereto (TN) with 110/125 and 18/25, while silver and bronze went to Francesco Simoni of Patrica (FR) with 95/125 and 17/25, respectively. and to Enea Batello di Talmasons (UD) with 85/125 and 14/25. Finally, among the female entrants, Sofia Chiampeson of Castanedolo (BS) was the best, winning gold with 91/125 +1 in qualifying and 19/25 in the final. The podium with Giada Tiziana Antonellini from Bagnacavallo (RA) for the silver medal with 89/125 and 18/25 +1 and Alice Garoppo from Mombello Monferrato (AL) for the bronze medal with 91/125 +0 and 18/25 +0 are on

In the regional teams, Piedmont with Camilla Stella Piazza, Fabio Grapiolo and Vincenzo D’Antuino earned the gold medal with 318/375, while Lazio with Andrea Diana, Manuel Silvestri and Elisa Rossi took silver with 315/375 and Veneto Earned bronze medal. with Giacomo Ziviani, Matteo Lobba and Beatrice Zambon with a total of 312/375.

Moving on to the national skeet, Lorenzo Agnorelli of Cesina took the gold with 105/125 and 33/40, Stefano Privitera of Pistoia took the silver with 107/125 and 30/40, and Yuri Giandolfi of Fuccio took the bronze among the Elevi. . (FI) with 108/125 and 23/30.

Among the men’s novices on the podium were Tommaso Calistri from Pistoia with 105/125, Daniel Collet from Sussegna (TV) with 94/125 and Giacomo Breda from Sernaglia della Battaglia (TV) with 79/125.

In the end, Tuscany won the team classification thanks to a total of 320/375 with Yuri Giandolfi, Stefano Privittera and Lorenzo Agnorelli, followed by Veneto with Daniel Collet, Franco Bottan and Matteo Cavallin with 275.

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