Your bathroom will always be perfectly perfumed | Here are 3 genius tricks

There are 3 really brilliant tricks to have a bathroom that is always tidy and above all perfumed. Let’s see together how to do it.

We are well aware that every day, in a house, there are housekeeping to do. Having environments that are always clean, sanitized and perfumed may seem simple but in reality it really takes a lot of effort. And, sometimes, this commitment is somehow not repaid. The reason? Despite the thorough cleaning, occasionally, they remain in the home of the smells which are not exactly pleasant.

Bathroom cleaning
How to clean and perfume the bathroom – grantennistoscana

For example, have you ever clean the bathroom from top to bottom and, at the end of it all, but you notice that there is still a bad smell? It’s not your fault. In this regard, in fact, we must know that often the stench comes from downloadsgive her biological pits and give it sewers which can often be clogged. So, now let’s see how to solve this annoying problem and always have a fresh smelling bathroom.

Always perfumed bathroom: these 3 tricks are formidable

After a thorough bathroom cleaningand therefore of all the elements: sanitary ware, sink, floor, tiles, shower cubicle and so on, now the time has come to perfume the environment and, as mentioned, there are some truly brilliant tricks to do it.

essential oil perfume
Perfuming the bathroom with essential oils: three ingenious tricks – grantennistoscana

So here’s what you can actually do about it to perfume the bathroom:

  • You know the inside of the toilet paper roll, made out of cardboard? Right there, drop a few drop of essential oil. The perfume will spread very quickly and stay there for a long time.
  • But you can also try this other method: you have to wet the toilet brush with boiling water and then spray a scented disinfectant spray on it. Leave for a few minutes and wait for it to dry.
  • You know the make-up remover wipes? Pour a few drops of essential oil on it and place them in different places in your bathroom. In the dirty laundry basket, behind the toilet, or on the sink cabinet.

Here is the video of Tiktok directly from the channel Alessandra Spadina:

@alessandraspadina ✨ 3 brilliant tricks for an always smelling bath! ✨ Do you have any others to suggest? 💖 (Obviously in addition to ordinary cleaning 😂)

These are gods tricks really brilliant, simple and quick to make the bathroom more fragrant than ever. However, we can say that every housewife has her own means and ‘strategies’ in terms of cleaning the house. Many tricks are passed down from generation to generation. So, often, the remedies we use are those of our grandmothers. But today there are i social.

And it will be true that they often distract us from real life, but in cases like this, they also give us important tips for cleaning and perfuming the rooms of our home. But not only that, often up TikTok there are also some very useful tips concerning the world of cooking. Sometimes, you just need to watch a few videos and you can learn something new for a tasty recipe to bring to the table. In short, it should be said that on social networks there is also some interesting content that is worth paying attention to.

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