Zendaya in a spectacular corset is your style muse for evening outings

Leaning against the corner of the dimly lit dining room, wearing lamb sleeves and a corseted pantsuit, Zendaya looks like she’s about to pick apart a crowd with a smoking revolver spinning around her fingers. Or break into a medieval drinking song with a group of pirates but lovable drunks. But that’s the appeal of Andreas Kronthaler’s work for Vivienne Westwood: producing clothes that feel rooted in historical clothing without being tied to a specific era in time.

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As the actor’s “image architect” Law Roach documented on Instagram, Zendaya certainly wasn’t silently auditioning for some period drama, but posing in an upscale restaurant during last Paris Fashion Week. . The actor approached the spring 2024 shows as an opportunity to reconnect with the fashion establishment, which, given the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, also meant donning a slew of coveted clothes.

As the house’s global ambassador, Zendaya spent much of the week in Louis Vuitton, wearing a Nicolas Ghesquière-designed zip-up dress and its 2015 gladiator bandeau skirt set, followed by a puff-sleeved blouse from the 2004 collection. design by Marc Jacobs. But she also wore a Balmain polka dot dress from Olivier Rousteing’s S/S 24 collection. So, this indicates that she might want to take it down a notch (i.e. wear a jumper) when back in London with Tom Holland.

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