Zoe Saldana at Taormina Film Fest 2023, latest awards and silver ribbons

Zoe Saldana at Taormina Film Fest 2023

After the crowded evenings of the last days and before the final with the last prizes and the special event Nastri D’Argento, stasera al Taormina Film Festival 2023 they will march Zoe Saldana AND Marco Peregorespectively the main character and director Absence of Edenscheduled for 21:00 before the screening of the film Maiwenn Jean Du Barry. Lifetime Achievement Awards, Abel Ferrara AND William Dafoe Tomorrow they will talk about their long creative collaboration at a master class at 11:00 am at the Timeo Hotel.

An important step towards the grand finale of the 69th Sicilian Festival, which will coincide with a special event. silver ribbons Saturday July 1 at the Teatro Antico. An evening that promises to be in the name of great cinema, organized by the president of film journalists. Laura Delly Colliand who will celebrate Weirdness“Film of 2023” – unusually received by the audience in the hall – with the presentation of director’s awards Roberto wentscreenwriters Massimo Gaudioso AND Hugh Chitimain characters Tony Servillo, Except Ficarra, Valentino Picone, Giulia Andomanufacturers Angelo Barbagallo AND Attilio De Razza With Paul Del Brocco (Cinema Rai) and Giampaolo Letta (Medusa Film) and excellent artistic and technical staff.

Nastri d’Argento will also present two awards to women. TO Paola Minaconi goes Manfredi Prizefor its tenth anniversary, by agreement with the Manfredi family, an artistic talent was appointed in honor of the great Nino, which this year will be delivered Roberta Manfredi. Lucrezia Guidoneone of the main characters Exit to the seawill receive Nastri d’Argento/Pinco Award for outstanding performance by an up-and-coming actress. Recognition is shared by a brand that not only upholds elegance and attention to image, but also emphasizes the rise of women in film.

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Thunderous applause on stage and cast Worst dayswhich illustrated the characteristic features of the film, which was supposed to be released on August 14: the directors were on the stage, talking Edoardo Leo and Massimiliano Bruno, as well as Anna Folietta, Anna Ferzetti, Sarah Baccarini, Rocco Papaleo, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Marco Bonini and Massimiliano Orpheus (Vision Distribution) and Federica Lucisano (IFF).

Previously delivered last night – in memory of Gina Lollobrigidathe Taormina Arte award created by Maison Damiani. He climbed onto the stage of the Ancient Theater to take it from the caretaker’s hands. Esther Bonafede and artistic director Beatrice Venice nephew of a great actress, Dmitry Skofich, who recalled some affective episodes related to his personal relationship with his grandmother. This is the discussion:
“This award is a tribute to his outstanding film career, which has left an indelible mark on the world of Italian and international cinema. With her alluring beauty and natural talent, Gina Lollobrigida won the hearts of the public and created unforgettable characters on the big screen. In addition to her success as an actress, she has shown commendable social activism, using her voice to raise awareness of humanitarian issues and women’s rights. Finally, with her unique style and timeless elegance, Gina Lollobrigida has influenced the worlds of fashion and fine art, becoming a style icon admired for generations. These qualities and achievements have made Gina Lollobrigida an outstanding artist deserving of the Taormina Arte Memorial Prize.”

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Also on the Blue Carpet and in the Ancient Theater are the main characters of the film. divinityshown late at night: beautiful Karruche Tran AND Moses Ariaspresented by the executive director and co-artistic director of the festival Barret Wissman.

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