10 actors who refused to change their bodies for a movie

Between hair, teeth and body weight, you can’t always say yes!

To Hollywood actors and actresses you don’t necessarily have to have a perfect body. If anything, directors ask to lose weight or gain weight for a film, to dye their hair or shave their beard, to wear contact lenses of a certain color and so on. Many big or small changes that allow – according to the directors – a greater and more likely rendering of a character. But the actors don’t always listen to the requests that come from above. Indeed, sometimes they explicitly refuse to modify their body in the way they are asked. Let’s find out 10 actors who refused to change their bodies for a movie.

1.Jennifer Lawrence, Hunger Games

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Jennifer Lawrence has exploded, in terms of fame, with the saga of Hunger Games which launched her into the panorama of the most powerful Hollywood stars. For the first chapter Jennifer Lawrence was asked to lose several pounds because the character she played was that of a malnourished girl. But the famous actress refused, arguing that her character would have a strong impact on young women and that therefore it would be more convenient to show him in full strength and health. And in the end he prevailed.

2.Margot Robbie The Legend of Tarzan

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Even Margot Robbie said no to those who asked her to lose a few pounds in view of filming The Legend of Tarzan. The actress defended herself by arguing that a character living in the 19th century probably has some weight oncertainly more than today’s alleged standards of beauty would dictate.

3. Daniel Craig for Casino Royale among the actors who refused to change their bodies for a film

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To play James Bond, Daniel Craig was not asked to gain or lose weight, only to dye his hair. The producers wanted them to be brown hair, instead of the actor’s natural blond. However, the famous actor refused, proposing rather to cut them shorter, in order to appear more threatening. Never a choice was more apt.

4. Kirsten Dunst Spider-Man

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Not even Kirsten Dunst was asked for a weight change to play Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man by Sam Raimi, but by fix the teeth. The actress refused, she kept her part and, we can safely say, she did an excellent job. One of ten actors or actresses to refuse to change their bodies.

5. Bob Odenkirk I am noone

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There was a possibility that Bob Odenkirk was gaining several pounds of muscle to prepare for the part in the action I am noone. However, he was one of 10 actors who decided to go in another direction. In fact, it was the actor himself who refused, arguing that he would not be able to get into the part of an incredibly muscular man who is at the same time a family man. He wanted his character to look more like a normal father. So no physical transformation for him.

6. Sarah Jessica Parker Footloose

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Like Daniel Craig, Sarah Jessica Parker also refused to dye her hair red for a film. The film in question is the cult Footloose and the actress did not want to accept the tint because she had just finished playing a part on Broadway that required her to dye her hair red. Twice in a row she seemed too much. She is one of 10 actors or actresses who refused to change their bodies.

7.Harrison Ford, American Graffiti

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Don’t even touch Harrison Ford’s hair, because the Indiana Jones star won’t listen to you. He was even asked by George Lucas for American Graffiti: Ford he should have cut them off according to the director’s vision. But even though she wasn’t an established star yet, she still refused. She got her way, but out of spite Lucas did wear a hat throughout the movie.

8. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has never hidden her weight and she has always refused to lose weight to better fit within the canons of Hollywood beauty. Indeed, she has always spoken very explicitly about this topic, becoming a sort of champion for all women curvy present in the entertainment world. The battle of him also has an educational purpose: to show young girls that you can be successful without having to force yourself to lose weight.

9.Marlon Brando, Apocalypse Now

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You have to play a crazed general, starving in the forests of Vietnam. So why not show up on the first day of shooting with more than 130 kilos on him? It was what Marlon Brando thought of doing, who should have followed a precise training schedule to represent his character, but that he decided to go in the opposite direction. Who knows what Francis Ford Coppola thought when he saw him for the first time.

10.Robert Pattinson, The Batman

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Another actor who refused to buy a chiseled physique for a part was Robert Pattinson recently for The Batman. He didn’t, not because he didn’t fit the character, but because he didn’t want to reiterating the image of the gymnastic Hollywood star, reinforcing a standard of male beauty that is difficult to reach. So the new Batman has attended the gym very little, as Pattinson confessed.

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