10 Copenhagen Fashion Week protagonists you need to know about!

New talent, iconic names and brands with a very high level of cool: these are the brands to watch at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

10 Copenhagen Fashion Week protagonists you need to know about!

Presentations, events, special awards and more than 30 parades: Copenhagen Fashion Week – staging from August 7 to 11 – did not deceive expectations, once again establishing itself as one of the key events in the calendar fashion weeks. A combination of new talent, established brands and new labels in undeniably Scandinavian style brought the five-day event in Denmark to life and drew attention to the trends, vision and values ​​of the upcoming fashion. Brand collections on the catwalk Spring Summer 2024, all are connected fil rouge – or, to put it better, fil vert – sustainability. “The role of Copenhagen Fashion Week is not only to showcase the best of Scandinavian fashion in line with our responsible thinking, but to support the global industry as a whole to further invest in the incredible creative talent we have to offer.” Cecilia Thorsmark, Fashion Week CEO, said. event. Each brand has been approved by the CPHFW Exhibition Committee and the CPHFW Sustainability Committee following a selection process based not only on creative input, but also on meeting 18 minimum standards in the name of greener production methods.

Among the new names and iconic brands, the main characters of Copenhagen Fashion Week should know

The week just ended was undoubtedly a memorable one, both in terms of the participation of the international press and buyers, as well as in terms of the designers and fashion houses who took part. Leading fashion names made in Denmark such as gunny – a super viral brand loved by fashionistas from all over the world – To turn, Baum and Pferdgarten AND Sax Potts — which boasts fans of the caliber of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner — alternated with new entries and new talents that will easily carve out a special place for themselves in the hearts of insiders and others, such as a gender-neutral brand Rolf Ekrot AND Cloth, a timeless label founded in 2020 by Sofia Rowe and Charlotte Eskildsen. Here are all the most interesting names of this issue of the magazine. Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Rotate: partywear made in Copenhagen

To turn is a Birger Christensen brand created in collaboration with influencers and designers Jeanette Madsen and Tora Valdimarsdottir. Based in Copenhagen, he quickly became very popular for his stylish and seductive party wear.

Steen Goya: an explosion of color and style

Founded in 2006, Stine Goya is the eponymous designer’s colorful response to the austere color palette that often distinguishes Scandinavian fashion offerings. The brand seeks to emphasize the beauty of individuality with the help of bright and joyful shades.

Lovechild 1979: exquisite luxury

Tailoring approach and femininity in the foreground for Lovechild 1979a brand creatively led by Mia Kappelgaard that offers timeless clothing with unmistakable Scandinavian taste, designed to last and “proudly embrace the beauty of the female body.”

Rolf Ekroth: inclusive and changeable fashion

Among the most interesting talents of the publication Spring Summer 2024 Danish fashion week, no doubt Rolf Ekrot, a Finnish-Swedish designer who independently relaunched his eponymous label in 2020 during the pandemic. A brand highlight, a gender-neutral and inclusive offering designed to adapt to different body shapes, made from recycled materials and recycled fabrics.

Ganni: Scandinavian roots, global style

Founded in the early 2000s as a niche cashmere brand, after being acquired by Ditte Reffstrup and her husband Nikolai in 2009. gunny he has turned collection after collection into a brand loved by insiders, trendsetters and influencers from all over the world. The secret to such great success? A bold yet utterly successful combination of bright colors, eclectic prints and a sophisticated yet easy-to-wear cut that makes each piece easy to mix and match with style.

Sachs Potts: Copenhagen as a source of inspiration

Launched in 2014, Sax Potts pays tribute to the vibrant cultural life of Copenhagen, the birthplace of Catherine Sachs and Barbara Potts and a constant source of inspiration for all their creations. Both born in 1993, the two designers turn primarily to the minimalism and chic modernism of those years. The result is exquisite collections that combine aesthetics and practicality.

Gestuz: relaxed style with a rebellious attitude

Rethinking wardrobe classics in a modern and daring way is the starting point for gesture, a brand created in 2008 by Sanne Sehested to dress women with strength and individuality. The brand also recently launched a resale platform to maximize the lifespan of its creations.

Baum und Pferdgarten: iconic Scandinavian style

“We want to create models for women who want to enjoy self-expression. Our collections can be worn by different women in different ways.” This is the intention of Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave, founders Baum and Pferdgarten. The name of the brand, the result of the interaction of the names of two creatives, has since its inception in 1999 become synonymous with an uncompromising, sustainable and unseasonal aesthetic.

Skall Studio: craftsmanship in the spotlight

Sisters Julie and Marie Skull, creatives behind the brand Skull Studio, grew up in the coastal zone of North Jutland, surrounded by nature. A background that plays an important role in their approach is focused on craftsmanship and the use of natural materials such as Danish wool, linen, organic cotton and recycled cashmere. Their sustainable jerseys are a must.

Clothes: between the past and the future

Cloth signed by Sophia Rowe and Charlotte Eskildsen. Always fascinated by the vintage universe, they bring decades of costume history to their collections. The result is a short circuit of styles and inspirations, reduced to the basics and attentive to the environment. Among the sustainable practices implemented by the brand is also CO2 offset created in collaboration with the Norwegian climate company Choose.

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