10 expert tips for living longer (and healthier)

There is no secret to eternal life; Live longer and better. Experts give us their best tips for healthy aging.

1. Goal: Enjoy another 10 years

“We’ve extended lifespan, but we haven’t extended the duration of health,” said genetic epidemiologist Professor Tim Spector. The new science of healthy eating He is also the scientific co-founder of ZOE, a personalized nutrition company. Medicine has done a lot to save lives, but with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, dementia, stroke and cancer, we need to be better prepared to help ourselves. Specter believes that sometimes diagnosis and treatment take a long time, and the real reason cancer statistics are rising has more to do with our lifestyle habits getting worse. “The best thing we can do is change our mindset. The goal should be: ‘Rather than just waiting for our bodies to fail and then subjecting ourselves to ineffective treatments.’How can we live ten more years in good health and enjoy life?‘”.

2. Knowledge is power

“Our genetic makeup warns us of many potential risks,” said Dr. Sabine Donnai, founder and CEO of Viavi Health Strategy. “It’s like playing cards. The cards you’re dealt are your genetic makeup, so be wise. Play your cards carefully. Start by looking at what you’re dealt and understanding the rules of the game.” His four “non-negotiable” rules are: avoid sugar, take vitamin D and Omega 3 supplements, maintain (or increase) muscle mass, and meditation.He advises his patients to shuffle Two types of analysis to understand your longevity potential: Those that measure possible chronic diseases (glucose, insulin, SPG, LDL or cholesterol, body mass index and markers of inflammation in the blood); and those that determine biological age, such as the Dunedin Rate of Aging Test. Be sure to ask your doctor for a complete blood test every year.

3. Longevity Vacation

You can also add a vacation to your annual leave A health center specializing in longevity And take advantage of medical and diagnostic programs designed to optimize our health during our most relaxing moments. The only downside to these healthy and spectacular spas is the price, but our favorites are below. Mayrlife stands out for its pioneering personalized diet, medical support and anti-inflammatory programs designed to slow down biological aging, in the stunning setting of Lake Altausee in Austria. The Bürgenstock Hotel and Alpine Spa in Switzerland offers state-of-the-art diagnostic testing with the spectacular backdrop of Lake Lucerne. Also highlighted is SHA Wellness and its healthy aging consultations, including telomere length and immune signatures of aging, as well as its world-famous delicious macrobiotic menu.When it comes to Six Senses Ibiza, we value their RoseBar longevity program, where their medical experts will help you discover one, three or seven days New ways to revitalize yourselfthrough nutritional support and exercise, Biohacking, as well as advanced scientific treatment methods in the field of longevity. The exquisite Palazzo Merano Hotel in Italy has launched its new Vitality Detox Longevity program, which combines traditional Chinese medicine with the latest Western scientific advances and offers a balanced menu to achieve physical and mental balance. From panoramic mountain views to endless nature trails, the relaxing experiences you enjoy at these centers will be life-changing.

4. Avoid overly processed foods

Take care of your digestive health by eating, according to Spector 30 different vegetables each week Make sure you eat a varied diet and stick to the “four Ks”: kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha, which are foods that have been shown to reduce inflammation. on the other hand, Avoid at all costs ultra-processed food. What sets off alarm bells: Just eating them increases the risk of death by 29 percent, according to a report in the American Journal of Epidemiology. “Ultra-processed foods have very detrimental effects on our health and our lives in general,” Spector said. “That’s because it affects our gut health. We don’t have all the data yet, it’s too early, but the popularity of ultra-processed foods, combined with our lack of gut health, has a huge impact on our life expectancy and health The greatest impact. Unlike genetically determined ones, the good news is that in this case the condition is reversible, but we must act immediately.”

5.A Smoothies revitalize

“this Smoothies Rhian Stephenson, nutritional therapist, naturopath and founder of supplement brand ARTAH, says: “It always feels great, keeps me full for hours and is very nutritious. ” To keep us healthy, Stephenson advocates the importance of: good blood sugar managementpay attention to food quality, and do what she calls a “macrobiotic cleanse” twice a year, which focuses on cell repair and rejuvenation.

each ingredient Smoothies has its role: Peeled turmeric and ginger slices, for their anti-inflammatory properties; One tablespoon of chia seeds, for amino acids and fiber; Avocado, a source of healthy fats; Two medjool dates, for added fiber; Three handfuls of assorted frozen red fruits and a Take green leaves as they are rich in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols. Stephenson also adds a dose of Artah Cellular Hydration, a supplement that provides essential electrolytes, extra vitamin C, and adaptogenic maca. Mix with 250 ml water and 250 ml plant milk, add more water if necessary. Prepared for two people.

6. Take good care of your teeth

Take good care of your teeth: gum disease, Indicators of chronic inflammation, increasingly linked to a variety of health problems, from Alzheimer’s disease to heart disease and diabetes. Oral-B Ambassador Dentist Dr. Milad Shadrooh recommends brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush twice a day for two minutes before breakfast and at night before going to bed, and rinsing your mouth with a good quality mouthwash once a day and cleaning between brushings. Clean your teeth once a day with an interdental brush or oral irrigator. “A good quality toothpaste that contains the right amount of fluoride (1,450 ppm for adults) is also needed as this can reduce the likelihood of tooth decay,” he said. “It’s important not to swallow the toothpaste but to spit out the excess. Don’t rinse afterwards so the fluoride will continue to protect your teeth.”

In addition to avoiding sugar in your diet, Smoking – including e-cigarettes – is completely prohibited. “We are now starting to see studies showing that e-cigarettes have a negative impact on our oral health. Smokers are at a much higher risk of periodontal disease, tooth loss and oral cancer.”

7. Weight training is key

“As you age, you have to work harder to maintain muscle mass,” says Dr. Donnell. “Weight training increases the production of growth hormone, collagen, sex hormones, and energy, which can now help you relieve stress.” Control body fat“.

8. Please bring ice cubes

From immersing your face in cold water (not recommended if you’re prone to broken capillaries or rosacea) to cold showers to state-of-the-art freezers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy an ice bath.At Lakes by Yoo, we are aware of the growing evidence that Controlling exposure to cold could reduce inflammation and extend life, now offers guided cold water soaks as part of their new wellness program to activate and kick-start your metabolism. The Brass Monkey’s ice bath temperature is less than two degrees, with 15-30 mm of ice flakes cyclically released, suitable for ice baths rather than just ice water.

9. Social interaction can also cure disease

“An often underestimated longevity factor is social connectionsDr. John Sagaris said. “Loneliness and social isolation are associated with an increased risk of chronic disease and premature death.” But be aware of the fear of loneliness and the tendency to prolong unhappy relationships. Destructive and distracting, it weakens the mind and body,” warns Jane Haynes. “No matter our emotional state, all of us, from birth to death, We need people nearby to communicate with If possible, at least have an intimate relationship where we can take off our masks and be vulnerable. “No one likes to wake up alone in the dark and panic, but it’s even worse if we’re next to someone who doesn’t care about us at all.” Is anyone else giving a shit, though? “

10. Sweet dreams

Pay attention to the yogis, get out of the cycle of negative thoughts, and wake up optimistic the next day. “This is an important step towards longevity,” says Sandeep Agarwalla Premananda, director of yoga at Ananda, a Himalayan wellness center.Recommended exercises “Daily review” before bed, “observe” our actions and behaviors during the day. “This exercise can help you realize your limitations and consciously end negative patterns.”

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