10 pencils, 3 bottles of foundation and 2 pairs of glasses; here’s what you can find in the singer’s bag | Italy fashion

Jennifer Lopez, actress and singer, offers a glimpse of the most necessary and unexpected things that she keeps in her purse wherever she goes, exclusively for Vogue.

Jennifer Lopez’s handbag says a lot about her style and mood. The actress and singer love it change bags according to your mood and the day ahead. Today, she carries around a large Coach bag and shows off its contents for Vogue. Usually there is more cosmetics in her bag than necessary: ​​“Every day I put another lipstick, lip gloss, pencil and after a while already in ten pencils and three bottles of foundation,” she says, but she always has JLo Beauty moisturizer, which she uses to hydrate during a long day at work or while traveling the world, as well as her favorite face mask, which works wonders. “This is a great 20-minute mask that can be applied to instant lifting effect,” He says. She also never loses sight of her signature fragrance, a perfume oil that she keeps a secret but that inspired her first fragrance. Shine.

On weekdays, Lopez’s wallet gets heavy with the stack of scripts and books she uses for research, but wherever she goes and whatever she does, her iPad with her screensavers teenage twins, is an omnipresent satellite. “A lot of people work on laptops, but I don’t,” he says. “I do not know why, i like ipad. Everything I do, all my notes, it’s all organized here.”

It has two pairs of glasses which he changes regularly: reading glasses, a parting gift from a rom-com set. Pleasure, I’m a little pregnant and her favorite aviator sunglasses. “I wear them all the time, I’ve been wearing them for years,” she says. “Even if I wear other glasses, they are always in my bag. I like them so much that sometimes I take off the ones that I have, the ones that I chose for this outfit.

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