New Kanye West album in October? It should have been called Change.

creative flair Kanye West he never stopped from the late nineties until today, and for this reason it is not surprising to constantly see him in the studio and hear his colleagues talk about a new album that is in development.

The same will happen in 2023, and barring very possible unforeseen events, we will just have to wait until October of this year to listen to it.

From Change to Various Rumors: Is Kanye West’s New Album Coming Soon?

We never stop talking about E.

Trouble with fashion houses, a return to Twitter, surprises on Travis Scott’s stage at the Circus Maximus in Rome, gossip about his current wife as well as his ex, and thankfully new music as well. In short, this summer we again have a lot of meat on fire.

We at Rapologia are obviously more interested in getting updates in terms of the record because, for better or worse, Kanye still has a big impact on the global music business, as we’ve told you several times here and on our Instagram. . page.

Kanye West has become a main character in the history of hip-hop and who knows if he will contribute to writing a few more pages even with his new album.

Approximately two years after the doppelgänger Donda AND wave 2The Chicago artist has returned to the studio to work on new music, and according to leaked reports scattered here and there on the net, the project promises to be some sort of combination of his 2004 debut album: Dropping out of collegeand sensational, but at the same time discussed Pablo’s life 2016.

Other rumors revealed to us that the disc was originally going to be called man across the seaThen Changebut as history teaches us, we will only get the final title when Kanye West decides to release it on streaming platforms or, why not, on other devices like the Stem Player.

When should he leave? October 2023 and it looks like the advertising campaign will start soon.

So, let’s get ready, because, as usual, it will be fun.

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