10 Tips to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Avoiding opening the package or caring for your cuticles are some tips for extending the life of your gel nails. Discover other tricks.

10 Tips to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

latest update: June 19, 2023

Did you know there are some tricks to make Gelish Do your nails live longer?This nail art technique uses enamel Dense gel that hardens under UV light. Although it is very durable, it still requires some care to prolong its durability.

Housework and hand exposure to various substances can cause products to spoil faster than expected. As a result, the nails lose their characteristic luster and flake or become ruined. To preserve them longer, we invite you to follow the advice we’ve put together below.

10 Tips to Extend the Life of Gel Nails

application Gelish in the nails It has become one of the most popular nail art trends. reason? This enamel offers greater durability than traditional enamel, and as if that wasn’t enough, the finish is better.

Generally speaking, it is estimated to last about 2-3 weeks without peeling or chipping. Even so, there are people who damage them prematurely due to carelessness. What should you practice after this manicure?

1. Use a nail primer

The product acts as a protective layer so that the chemicals that make up the gel do not directly enter and Affects nail color and texture. Choose formulas that contain a matrix that helps enhance their nutrition.

2. Enamel leaves space

If you are one of those who decide to do your own manicure, consider that the enamel should not come into direct contact with the skin. reason? This will make you more likely to get out of bed.

So, first of all, convenience Push the cuticles up a bit, leaving a small space between the polish, foundation, and skin.

3. Stop using disinfectants

These products often contain chemicals that alter tooth enamel. Additionally, they dry out the skin, hands, and cuticles. So it is best to choose a soap with a soft and delicate texture.

Another aspect to consider is wearing gloves when submerging your hands in water. for a long time or when exposed to cleaning agents. Both of these factors can have a counterproductive effect on enamel.

4. Avoid opening packages or food

Nails are not tools to open anything. This can cause the edges to come off and even cause the nail to break.

5. Care cuticle

Cutting the cuticle can cause the enamel to rise, so this must be avoided.pass Network MD recommend Use ointments or creams to keep them moist and in good condition. You can also use a little petroleum jelly or almond or coconut oil.

6. Avoid Acetone

Gel nails are very durable, and while they can be removed with acetone, the chemical will just cause the polish to melt and leave a stain. Not to mention exposure to it can cause headaches, dizziness, and irritation of mucous membranes.

recommended is Visit a beauty center with the necessary tools Removes nail polish without damaging natural nails.

7. Grooming

Once the cuticle polish has run off or the ends start to flake off, visit your esthetician to have the polish reapplied. However, one trick that can be done at home before a visit is to use some glitter nail polish to hide uncovered areas.

8. Do not archive

When the edges chip, it’s best to go to a beauty professional to restore their uniformity. Submitting is not recommended if you do not have sufficient experience. If you do this, you must end up in the downward direction.

9. Stay away from gels

The American Academy of Dermatology stated in one of its publications: “When it comes to gel manicures, moderation is key.” The product is a lightly abrasive technique compared to other nail polishes, so tends to leave natural nails dry and brittle.

It is best to wait 15 to 30 days before reapplying Gelish; The purpose of this is to strengthen the nails.

10. Stay hydrated

To prevent nails from chipping between each polish Gelishhydrated Vaseline or a mild moisturizer This helps reduce the fragility they still have after a manicure.

After Gel Nail Care Ideas

While gel nails are durable and look great, gel can cause nails to peel and crack. Therefore, once the enamel has been removed, the following steps are recommended:

  • use hardened nail polish Strengthens all layers and nourishes it.
  • Get a manicure that works as well as moisturizes your cuticles.
  • apply moisturizer On hands and nails.
  • Avoid contact with abrasive products.

Is gelish easy to use?

Currently, the application Gelish The issue on the nails is still controversial. Largely because of the need to use UV-emitting lamps. This has been linked to detrimental effects on skin health, such as blemishes and cancer.

publications Harvard Health commented that The degree of risk depends on the frequency of manicures. So it’s important to do this occasionally. Using sunscreen and protective gloves before starting the procedure are ways to mitigate these risks.

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