WWE: Will Grayson Waller be the new legendary killer?

As we explained to you before drafts, WWE he aimed at Grayson Waller for some time already so much that after an excellent period NXT extensiongives him enough space for bring downplacing him in segments with famous superstars such as edge. A few days ago Grayson he challenged Rock at the microphone and during his last interview for Hour of MMAreaffirmed her intention to confront the legends of the past, to show them that their time had passed.

Grayson Waller as legendary assassin?

I believe that people understand who I am and what I do from NXT. This does not mean that they will be kind to me or will cheer me up, I understand. I’m a wrestling fan, I grew up watching him and with idols like AJ Styles or Shawn Michaels, but now I’m at their level, I don’t have to act like a fan, ask for a selfie or play with kids. It would be embarrassing to do this after all the effort to get here, it makes no sense. It also happens in MMA when someone is facing legends, they don’t offer the same performance, they don’t want to beat them, I do. The greatest form of respect would be to lash out at them as hard as possible, I respect them in a different way.”


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