Call of Duty will let you play as Nicki Minaj and Lara Croft

Call of Duty is certainly no stranger to skins and the ability to take its war heroes onto the battlefield and riddling enemies with bullets: what’s surprising this time around is the type of characters chosen or Nicki Minaj and Lara Croft. Although the second of the two is a veteran of the bullet fight, it’s natural to wonder where the former is.

You will be able to purchase two pets starting August 2 next year, and they will be playable on CODModern Warfare 2 and free mode Warzone season 5. It doesn’t end there: in addition to the two girls, you can actually play a rap star as well. Snoop Dogg and 21 Savages.

All this, stuffed with new cards and new weapons, will happen because of one celebration of the 50th anniversary of the world of hip-hop American and company Activision/Blizzard decided to celebrate the anniversary with these characters.

In addition to these skins, players will be able to hear “some basic elements of hip hop” in the tracks of the war. These free songs will be available from August 7th to 16th. To receive these freebies, players will need to go online to modern war 2 AND Call of Duty: Warzone over four separate days during that time period.

“The first three days will give a trace of the war of years Foundation 80s, 90 Golden era or 2000 Life after 2000. On the fourth day of entry, you will receive a special Blueprints weapons that can be used in any online mode”

He declared Activision/BlizzardBelow is an image that shows the full bonuses of the season in question.

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