10 TV series characters who broke our hearts

The TV series are full of characters that fill us with joy, but also with pain: here are ten that have unleashed our most irrepressible tears!

TV series are food for the hungry mouths of binge watchers and it is absolutely impossible to escape their power once you have succumbed to the charm of these captivating stories full of cliffhangers! Furthermore, the characters are a source of emotion, anger, boredom and sometimes real tears. How many times have our poor viewer hearts been broken by a TV series character?

No one can say with absolute certainty that they’ve never been dominated by a show, a tormented love story or the twisted psychology of a particularly endearing character. Here’s who they are ten TV series characters who just had no mercy for our poor hearts of ardent fans, playing with our feelings unforgivably. Ten Characters Who Broke Our Hearts More Than Real Life!

The 10 characters who broke our hearts: here are those who played with our feelings without mercy

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The characters of the TV series that have broken the hearts of the public are so many, almost impossible to count them all, and the selection to be done is really painstaking. Shows have this great passion for tormenting their fans, robbing them of sleep and often even draining them of any tears!

But who are the 10 who really broke something in us? Let’s start from the tenth place!

10. Wanda Maximoff, WandaVision

Sweet, poor, evil Scarlett Witch: in Wanda Vision, Elizabeth Olsen brings the portrayal of pain to the screen in the most moving and emotional way ever seen in a Marvel series. Her way of accepting the loss of Vision and her (pretend) children is long, heartbreaking, and incredibly realistic. A truly incredible performance from Olsen is proof that superhero-focused TV series can portray human feelings effectively and artistically.

9. Tony Johnson, After Life among the TV series characters who broke our hearts

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Tony Johnson of After Life is the example of a character that breaks the heart with its story, its incredible emotionality and a performance between writing and acting of Ricky Gervais. Tony lost his wife and he can’t get over it, and neither can we viewers. The characters are well written and emotionally charged, while the cinematography strikes all the right chords – our hearts are absolutely broken!

8. Nellie Craine, The Haunting of Hill House among TV series characters who broke our hearts

The Haunting of Hill House is one of the scariest Netflix TV series ever released by the streaming platform. Although it speaks of a family victim of a cursed house of horrors, in reality it hides the purpose of talking about mental health as a hereditary taint. The young Nellie, played by Victoria Pedretti, victim of a great mental frailty inherited from his mother (Carla Gugino), is one of the most tormented and moving characters of the small screen. Her sad end makes a masterful TV series about family pain and its consequences on the mind even more painful.

7. Every character in This is Us

This is Us is a TV series born for break the hearts of their viewers: There isn’t a character who doesn’t make fans cry at least ten times in every episode. If you want to engage in an emotional adventure from which you don’t know if you will come out alive or psychologically intact, this TV series is perfect. The Miller family is ready to make your day full of ups and downsin a loop the loop that leaves no one to escape!

6. Rue Bennett, Euphoria among TV series characters who broke our hearts

Euphoria is a TV series about human existence disguised as a teen drama: touching burning issues such as death and drug addictionthrough the character of Rue Bennett played by Zendaya, stages some of the most shocking and devastating episodes ever seen on the small screen. Rue fights against herself and against the whole world, the world that took her father away from her too soon, without any explanation. A touching, wonderful hymn to life and her strength despite the pain: Rue, what an incredible character (and what an incredible actress!).

5. Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike, sweet Spike, dying to save the world and the love of his life: there are very few romantic heroes who can count two such heroic deeds in the same episode. But Spike, initially a villain and then the Champion in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is one of the best developed characters ever written for a TV series. His path of redemption and his final sacrifice give the audience some of the most painful and at the same time exciting moments of contemporary entertainment. To underline, the touching and nuanced interpretation of the very talented James Marsters.

4. Joel Miller, The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal In the role of Joel Miller is perhaps one of the smartest choices HBO ever made. The Last of Us it breaks the hearts of its viewers with each installment in different ways, inflicting so many different kinds of pain. But Joel, as a mercenary in a hardened and aching post-apocalyptic world, is moving in his ability to start love Ellie. Ellie and Joel together are a father-daughter duo that tugs at the deepest strings of even the hardest heart.

3. Ben Sullivan, Scrubs between TV series characters who broke our hearts

Brendan Fraser is the king of macho performances, but over time he has proven that he can tear away more than a few tears from the audience. He won an Oscar for his extraordinary performance in the film The Whale, which to call a tearjerker is an understatement, but fans will always remember him as Ben Sullivan, friend and brother-in-law of the unforgettable doctor Percy Cox in Scrubs. It seems impossible not to remember the most painful episode of the series, the one in which Cox is forced to say goodbyeafter a long illness (the funeral scene is heartbreaking).

2. Sam Winchester, Supernatural

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Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester have saved the world more times than the world will ever know, their family and legacy story is among the most touching and enduring ever. Fifteen seasons of pain, death, resurrection, fight against God and various other deities, two brothers whose bond will never cease to move the audience, Supernatural is one of the true cult of the contemporary serial. Sam and Dean, wherever you are, we hope you know how grateful we are for everything!

1. Dean Winchester, Supernatural among TV series characters who broke our hearts

Dean Winchester is the character who broke our hearts in the most excruciating and irreparable way: the beauty of Jensen Ackles, his skill, the sheer ability of the character of continually sacrifice for his family but also for the whole world. There is no one who has given up and lost as much as this multifaceted, heartwarming, selfless hero who lives up to the highest ideals. Sweet Dean, you are the character who broke the hearts of fans, tearing them to shreds with your empathy and total unawareness of your greatness!

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