11 New Halloween Movies to Watch This Spooky Season

Of course you could look Scream or Shine This is the millionth year in a row this Halloween season, but what if you decide… for a change of scenery? Cue the sighs and cries of fear, because sometimes change is the most frightening thing.

While there’s definitely something to be said for classic horror hits, there are still so many new scary movies released every year, and many of them are worth checking out this Halloween.

Mix in fresh, scary seasonal foods with inventive takes on old stereotypes, revivals of familiar favorites, or something like you’ve never seen before. From M3GAN To Talk to me To Five Nights at Freddy’s What’s more, we have a range of terrifying and frightening games to choose from, all of which have been released within the past year.

Here are 11 new movies released after Halloween 2022. Be sure to check them out this Halloween season:

    Photo: ©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Date of issue: January 6, 2023

    Rating: PG-13

    Description: With its wonderful combination of campiness, horror and humor. M3GAN really understands the challenge when it comes to making a hit Halloween movie. The sci-fi horror film follows eight-year-old Cady (Violet McGraw), who is sent to live with her Aunt Gemma (Allison Williams) after the death of her parents. Gemma is a robotics engineer at a high-tech toy company in Seattle, where she uses her experience and company resources to create M3GAN, a realistic child-sized doll powered by artificial intelligence. But after Gemma gives Cady a prototype M3GAN, the doll begins to take on a life of its own, with dire consequences.

    where to stream M3GAN

  • Brooklyn 45

    Date of issue: March 12, 2023

    Rating: NO

    Description: This supernatural thriller takes place on the evening of December 27, 1945, when five military veterans who have been best friends since childhood gather at the Park Slope, New York home of Clive “Hawk” Hockstutter (Larry Fessenden) to support him after his suicide. his wife. But when Hawk successfully convinces his friends to take part in an impromptu seance, the ghosts of their collective past become all too real.

    where to stream Brooklyn 45

    Photo: NPR

    Date of issue: June 16, 2023

    Rating: R

    Description: Blackening is a horror-comedy film that follows a group of seven friends who go on a weekend getaway to celebrate Juneteenth together. However, things go awry when they find and begin playing a racist board game called Blackening, run by a murderer with a vendetta. With an unknown killer locked in their cabin, the friends must test their knowledge of horror movie plots and their collective street smarts to make it out alive.

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  • Talk to me
    Photo: Courtesy of the Everett Collection

    Date of issue: July 28, 2023

    Rating: R

    Description: The Australian supernatural horror film established itself as one of A24’s top-grossing films, quickly achieving international box office and critical success. Talk to me revolves around a group of friends at whose gatherings a severed, embalmed hand of unknown origin is seen. They use the hand as the centerpiece of a high-stakes party game that allows a person to communicate with a spirit from beyond the grave, but when 17-year-old Mia (Sophie Wilde) finds herself possessed by an evil supernatural being for too long. Power destroys their lives.

    where to stream Talk to me

  • 'The Haunted Mansion'
    Photo: Everett Collection

    Date of issue: July 28, 2023

    Rating: PG-13

    Description: Inspired by the classic Disney theme park attraction Haunted Magic, this star-studded supernatural horror-comedy follows a widowed doctor named Gabby (Rosario Dawson) as she moves with her son Travis (Chase W. Dillon) from New York City to New Orleans. . “Gracie Manor” There they intend to open a bed and breakfast, but are forced to put their plans on hold after discovering that their new home is haunted. To get their lives back on track, Gabby and Travis hire various supposed spiritual experts to drive out the supernatural squatters from the estate.

    Broadcast Haunted Mansion on Disney+

    Photo: Everett Collection

    Date of issue: September 19, 2023

    Rating: PG-13

    Description: Kaitlyn Dever does some serious heavy lifting at the helm of this breakneck, nearly dialogue-free Hulu original sci-fi horror film about an alien invasion. Dever plays Brynn, an anxiety-ridden homebody who lives alone and is shunned from her town after the death of her mother and best friend. When she discovers a humanoid alien invading her home, Brynn realizes she has an amazing killing ability that may be her only defense against these powerful unearthly creatures.

    Broadcast No one will save you on Hulu

    Photo: Everett Collection

    Date of issue: September 23, 2023

    Rating: R

    Description: This is a prequel to the 2019 film. Pet cemetery The story takes place 50 years before the events of the previous film and centers on young Jud Crandall (Jackson White) in 1969. Jud has always dreamed of leaving his hometown of Ludlow, Maine and never looking back, but the discovery of evil spirits associated with the local cemetery forces him to hunker down in town to get to the bottom of these hidden places. With the help of childhood friends, Jud embarks on a journey to uncover Ludlow’s darkest secrets, while confronting his own troubling family history.

    Broadcast Pet Sematary: Bloodlines in first place+

    Photo: Everett Collection

    Date of issue: September 28, 2023

    Rating: R

    Description: Absolutely killer is a dark comedy slasher film from Prime Video Original that features the return of the infamous Sweet 16 killer 35 years after his last three gruesome murders and fourth victim. After 17-year-old Jamie Hughes (Kiernan Shipka) encounters a masked killer, she is accidentally transported back in time to 1987, where she must face the challenges of fitting into an unfamiliar era while teaming up with her teenage mother (Olivia Holt) must stop a stabbing psychopath before it’s too late.

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  • monster high 2
    Photo: Paramount+

    Date of issue: October 6, 2022

    Rating: PG

    Description: If you’re looking for something a little more family-friendly this Halloween season, be sure to visit Monster High 2a Paramount+ Original musical fantasy serving as a sequel to the 2022 feature film. Monster High: The Movie. Clawdeen Wolf (Mia Harris), Draculaura (Nia Damasen) and Frankie Stein (Cece Balagot) are now in their second year at Monster High, discovering a whole new set of relationships, powers and enemies unlike anything they’ve faced before. As their friendship and the fate of the world hang in the balance, the girls must overcome their obstacles and band together to find themselves and save the day.

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  • Exorcist: Believer
    Photo: Everett Collection

    Date of issue: October 6, 2023

    Rating: R

    Description: This newly released supernatural horror film is the sequel to the chilling 1973 Halloween classic. Exorcistand continues the original film’s tradition of being extremely suspenseful, in the best possible way. After teenage friends Angela (Lydia Jewett) and Catherine (Olivia O’Neill) disappear into the woods for three days after a seance, they both find themselves traumatized and showing signs of demonic possession.

    Desperate to save his daughter, Angela’s single father, Victor (Leslie Odom Jr.), turns to Chris McNeil (Ellen Burstyn) in hopes that her own experience of successfully exorcizing her daughter Regan (Linda Blair) 50 years ago will be the key. . save these two young girls.

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  • Five Nights at Freddy's
    Photo: Everett Collection

    where to stream Five Nights at Freddy’s

    Date of issue: October 27, 2023

    Rating: PG-13

    Description: Based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a soon-to-be-released supernatural horror film starring Josh Hutcherson as troubled security guard Mike Schmidt. Mike accepts a job as a night security guard at the abandoned Chuck E. Cheese-like Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza family entertainment center, but soon realizes that the job is more than he ever signed up for after discovering that his four animatronic mascots can move and kill. optional after midnight.

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