180 sea lions have been buried

The sea lions were showing symptoms of an illness when they arrived at the coast, and after the first case of avian influenza was confirmed in one of the sea lions, extensive testing was carried out to determine if this was an outbreak in the animal population.

47% of cases tested positive for avian influenza, confirming the spread of the virus among sea lions.

Uruguay is home to one of the most important sea lion sanctuaries in the world, located on Isla Lobos near Punta Este in Maldonado. So far, no cases of bird flu have been reported on the island.

In this sense, the Ministry of the Environment (MA), the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) and the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) report that “relevant health measures are being taken to detect and take immediate action to contain the disease. ” They also noted that “eating poultry, fish and other seafood does not pose any risk to people’s health.”

This situation poses a major challenge to the conservation of the country’s marine fauna and requires continued investigation and monitoring of the spread of avian influenza among sea lions and the adoption of appropriate protective and preventive measures.

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