the actor and his wife Amal leave Lake Como

Laglio (Como), September 21, 2023 – The end of an era, that’s what you can say, because Lake Como is divorcing George Clooney, the Hollywood star who, more than anyone else over the past twenty years, has contributed to making him known to the general public, especially abroad. The star really decided put Villa Oleander up for sale.

George Clooney purchased Villa OleandraIN 2002 The Heinz family, the “ketchup kings,” are connected to the Democratic Party through Senator John Kerry, a great friend of George Clooney who helped him discover Lake Como.

At that time the actor buy a villa for 8 million euros and a couple of years later, in 2004, he added to his real estate holdings in Lario by also purchasing nearby Villa Margheritawhich he later connected with the Villa Oleandra by a bridge crossing the road.

Villa Oleandra in Laglio

Villa Oleandra in Laglio

Today the entire collection is sold for 100 million least according to what he told the weekly “Today” Yasemin Baysal, owner of the Engel&Volkers agency in Como, which confirmed the rumors which has already been circulating in recent weeks. The professional does not have a sales mandate, which would instead be entrusted to a large agency in Milan, but he has collected information on behalf of one of his clients interested in purchasing a property. “This as soon as Villa Oleandra is put up for sale”“,” he explained, indirectly confirming rumors that have been spread in recent weeks by the British gossip magazine Page Six, which has collected careless statements from some of the actor’s friends.

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Goodbye lake, Clooney sells Villa Oleandra

Goodbye lake, Clooney sells Villa Oleandra

While George would still be “in love” with Lake Como. it seems his wife Amal Alamuddin wants to leavewho would prefer Lario, overrun by tourists – also thanks to her husband’s international fame peace in the villa which the couple recently purchased in Provence.

Photos of children at Villa Oleandra. George Clooney is furious and is considering moving

It’s certainly a hard farewell for Lake Como, which has seen the Clooney effect make itself felt in recent years, transforming Lake Como.The lake is a golden destination for many stars, VIPs and beginners.. The list of stars and friends of George Clooney who have come to holiday in Laglio as guests in his dream villa over the past twenty years is very long. From Brad Pitt to Matt Damon via Julia Roberts and many other faces, both famous and lesser known in Hollywood, who they also joined U2’s Bono Vox and Barack Obama, who was a guest here with his wife Michelle and two daughters. Unforgettable and, probably, unique years, Lake Cluny becomes “just” Lake Como again.

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