2 Body Innova offers four new treatments to its customers

within 2 tights We always strive to seek the bestInnovations in body and facial care Bring joy and satisfaction to your customers.

Recently, new treatments have arrived at 2Body branches Meet various customer needs, Such as avoiding fluid retention, stress-induced inflammation, eliminating toxins and even purifying the skin.

Just one button is enough to show you, and here we introduce you to these new options for pampering yourself.

activated charcoal heat bandage

Through multiple cleansing and exfoliation processes, massage therapy called lymphatic drainage and 2 activated charcoal heat bandages, Customers will feel an increase in local temperature, thereby accelerating the mobilization of fat cells and calorie consumption, also helps purify the skin.

This treatment lasts about an hour, but the results are worth the investment of that time.

Guarana Bandage

Contrary to previous treatmentat this time the temperature decreases local so that Accelerate the mobilization of fat cells and heat consumption, Also helps reduce inflammation, drain fluids and relieve skin stress.

Similarity to activated charcoal heat bandage is in the surgical procedure as it is also cleaned and exfoliated and used repeatedly Lymphatic drainage of the area to be treated, Where they differ again is in the condition of the bandage, since, as mentioned above, a guarana bandage immersed in cold water is used here. Again, the process lasts about 1 hour.

artichoke bandage

People who like to try new things, this treatment is for you, but there are two contraindications, because if there are Varicose vein bandages should be lighter Higher than normal, this procedure is not recommended if you have a hypersensitivity or allergy to artichokes.

This is a treatment that lowers local temperature and thus accelerates cell mobilization. Fat cells and caloric consumptionhelps improve the appearance of cellulite, fights fluid retention and eliminates toxins

reducing lipid band

Now if you are looking for a cure cellulitis and truly effective and non-invasive lipo, this is your ideal choice as it creates a shock effect on the treated area, helping to correct sagging, stretch marks, cellulite, sculpt cellulite and detoxify the skin.

By using a facial mask called "Mask" Lipband For the affected areas, in addition to lymphatic drainage, the aim is to treat cellulite and accumulated fat in a way that is comfortable and useful for the client.

These are just some of the new treatments 2Body is offering its clients.If you are interested in any of them, you can make an appointment on the website, call customer service or go to one of them More than 40 branches throughout the Republic of Mexico. 2Body is always committed to providing you with the best possible treatment through cutting-edge procedures.

For more information you can consult the page www.2body.mx

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